Trump refused to accept his loss

WASHINGTON – The president begging Georgia’s secretary of state to reverse the election results … More than 140 House and Senate Republicans objected to the Electoral College count … Trump addressed supporters in Washington (“Your Would have an illegal president … and we can’t let that happen “it happens.”) … many of those supporters are attacking the Capitol later … Trump said he did not attend the inauguration Will (and is getting banned from Twitter) … drafting articles of impeachment … and now officials warning of more armed jungles.

All these events have taken place in the last 10 days.

And they all have a simple root cause – the President of the United States refused to win an election. He clearly lost. (Yes, he accepted that there would be a new administration and change of power, but as far as it went).

If Trump won an election in which he received 7 million fewer votes than his opponent, you would not have a president who would ask state election officials to reverse the election results … you saw many GOP senators and members of Congress Would not have objected to the electoral college count … you don’t have a president addressing the “Stop the Steel” rally … you couldn’t kill the rioters in the Capitol … you don’t have another round of impeachment Was … and you will not at least have warned of more armed protest on this scale.

It all goes back to Trump being the first US president to refuse an election that was clearly lost.

Apart from the cost to the country in human life and the belief in democracy, it also comes at a very self-sustaining cost for the outgoing president.

Low approval ratings. Permanent Twitter ban. The PGA is pulling out of Bedminster. And now Bill Belichick said that he would not come to the White House to accept the presidential medal of independence.

Lessons from the 1993 World Trade Center bombing

Another comment about the rebellion and violence in the Capitol last Wednesday: The US government and the political world regarded the 1993 World Trade Center bombing as a close one.

And then eight years later there was another terrible attack on the World Trade Center.

Lesson: Just because an attack wasn’t as bad as that doesn’t mean it won’t be tried again.

Clyburn also calls for Biden’s inauguration

Despite new FBI warnings that large-scale armed protests are being planned in Washington DC and state capitals around the country, President-Elect Joe Biden said Monday that he would take oath of office from next Wednesday Are not worried

“I’m not afraid to take an oath outside and we’re being brief. But I think it is critically important that there is a real, serious focus on catching people who were involved in treason and endangering people’s lives, damaging public property, causing them a lot of There was a loss.

But Mike Memoli of NBC reports that Rep. Jim Cleburne, DSC, believes the opening and the activities that accompany it need to be reduced even more.

“We were talking about Kovid-19 to run it. I think Wednesday and what nonsense I hear now, we should take seriously, ”he told Memoli in a phone interview. “I think the inauguration has taken place, in my opinion, it will not be safe as long as health is concerned – but be safe from personal injury. So I think we agreed to reduce it even further.” “

Tweet of the day

Data download: the numbers you need to know today

16: Number of groups registered to stage protests in DC around the opening.

At least 150: Number of suspects in capital riots being chased by DOJ

Over 70,000: The FBI has received several tips in connection with the riots on Wednesday.

More than a dozen: The number of Capitol police officers who are investigating for “suspected cooperation or improper cooperation for a demonstration”.

Up to 15,000: Number of National Guard troops being deployed in the country’s capital.

Over 70,000: The number of accounts linked to QAnon disinfection was purged by Twitter in the wake of Wednesday’s violence.

22,700,218: The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States, according to the most recent data from NBC News and health officials. (That’s 204,289 more than yesterday morning.)

377,014: Number of deaths from the virus in the United States so far. (That’s 2,018 more than yesterday morning.)

129,748: The number of people currently suffering from coronovirus.

270.09 million: According to researchers at the COVID tracking project, as many coronovirus tests have been performed in the United States so far.

At least 67: Number of House and Senate members testing positive for coronovirus or Kovid-19 antibodies according to an NBC calculation.

8: Number of days until inauguration day.

Lid: There is no FOMO here

Do not miss the pod from yesterday, when we saw other heirs who skipped the inauguration of their successor.

ICYMI: What else is happening in the world

GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson has passed away.

An important question for Democrats: how to hold Trump accountable without hindering Biden’s agenda

Has Trump accepted any responsibility for Wednesday’s violence? Kevin McCarthy says he has.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf is stepping down.

Polysico writes that Pelosi’s new push for impeachment is personal.

Don’t miss the Washington Post on why it took Trump so long to respond to the violence on Wednesday.

Biden’s Amb’s pick. William Burns has been receiving good reviews from insiders to lead the CIA.

The executive director of the Republican Attorneys General Association is moving forward after revelations that the organization sent out robbers early last week, urging protesters to march on the Capitol.

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