The CDC recommends the states give the Kovid vaccine to people 65 and older.

Federal public health officials have recommended that states expand the reach of the Kovid-19 vaccine to everyone 65 and older, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Tuesday.

The guideline aims to widen the pool of people who can receive the vaccine. According to the CDC, out of more than 25 million doses of the Kovid-19 vaccine, only 9 million shots were administered until Tuesday.

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Most states are still trying to get the vaccine in the first stages of the rollout: health workers, aged over 75 and frontline essential workers, such as firefighters and police officers, as well as teachers, correctional officers, usdal workers, Public transit workers and those whose employment is essential to the food supply.

The new guidelines, which are to be announced Tuesday afternoon during an Operation Warp motion briefing, are expected to include adults of any age with an underlying health condition that would put them at risk of complications or more serious illness.

States will not be required to follow the new CDC guidelines. In a letter dated January 11 to Kentucky Village. CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield wrote that the recommendations “should not be interpreted as regulation,” adding the guidance is “flexible and adaptable.”

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Last week, President-Elect Joseph Biden announced that his administration planned to release all available doses of coronovirus to the states. Operation Warp is holding half of the dose in an attempt to regain momentum so that recipients can receive a second dose.

Both currently in use vaccines require two doses, three to four weeks apart, for maximum effect.

Last week, the head of the Department of Food and Drug Administration, Drs. Stephen Hahn also said that states should “strongly” consider vaccinating low priority groups.

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