Sayani Gupta has deliberately redefined the chic cotton saree charm, here’s how!

Sayani Gupta is happy both onscreen and off-screen. She appreciates the stunning screen presence with a stunning fashion arsenal. Not only clever, chic, but also daring, Sayani has sported a different style, particularly with fashion stylist Srija Rajagopal, with neo-ethnographic, lush, durable options. Her thriving vibe is minimalism and a beauty game, all-natural – a gust of fresh air in glowing skin that adores Tinniteltown! As is unusual, but noticeably her signature style is curved, Sayani strikes a quick raga that sets her apart from her contemporaries and peers. A recent style confirmed our belief in this sunny girl’s consciously chic vibe. It is nicer than a blue cotton saree draped to perfection, a strappy blouse, gorgeous necklace and a short haircut. Lockdown saw Sayani in second season of Prime Video Four more shots please! As the fiercest journalist Damini Rizvi Roy and in the critically acclaimed North-Eastern comedy-drama, Exxon On Netflix.

Sayani, a Film and Television Institute of India graduate, is also a singer who has a crop. To Kahab In Article 15 And background tone on most Four more shots please! Song music. We love how she snowballs with stylists in a simple style. Look at her saree style here. Sayani Gupta is working with sunshine smile, stripes and a chic hairdo!

Sayani Gupta – Saree Saas Saas!

A sky blue saree from Paper Boat Collective featuring a unique embroidery was paired with a black colored blouse. Nude glam, gorgeous necklaces from the same boutique paired with chic hairdo complete her look. Sayani Gupta Birthday Special: Redefining Elephanting as the Perfect Combination of Humility, Lucidity, and Occasional Use with Every Style!

Sayani Gupta

Sayani Gupta (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

On the professional front, Sayani was also seen Article 15 With Ayushmann Khurrana and in the short film, shameless.

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