Jaime Claus, Wisconsin teen who escaped prisoner in 2019, is ‘doing well,’ says aunt

Wisconsin teenager Jomme Claus, who survived her kidnapper two years ago, is surrounded by her loved ones and is doing well, her aunt said.

Claus’s aunt and guardian, Jennifer Naberg Smith, said in a statement on Monday, the teenager is taking “day-to-day life”.

“Jayme is doing well,” Smith said. “She is enjoying dancing, school activities and many other things as much as possible now in relation to dealing with Kovid restrictions. She is surrounded by a lot of loved ones.”

Claus was 13 years old when on January 10, 2019, she ran away from the house of a man who badly shot her parents and then kidnapped her. The teenager was found wandering in the small town of Gordon, about 70 miles from his home in Baron, by a neighbor who was walking his dog.

The neighbor, Jean Nutter, took Klost to the house of Kristin and Peter Kasinsk and asked them to call 911.

In his statement this week, Smith thanked Nutter and Kasinskas for helping Klaus.

Jayme Closs.Baron County Sheriff’s Department

“We are very grateful for everything that happened on this day two years ago; For Jayme’s bravery and for Jean, Peter and Kristen for all, at the right time and for keeping Jayme safe, “she said.” We are still very grateful to the community, to the whole world for all the care. Going there, and to law enforcement who tried tirelessly to seek justice. “

In October 2018, Klaus was kidnapped from Baron’s home. His prisoner Jake Patterson ransacked the family home, shot his parents, and then took Klaus.

According to a criminal complaint, he went home twice to plan a kidnapping. On the day of the abduction, Klaus is woken by the family dog ​​and sees Patterson coming home in his vehicle, the complaint states. He then woke up his parents.

When she was badly shot, her father James Claus was at the front door. The teenager and his mother, Dennis Claus, hid in the bathtub behind the shower curtain when Patterson kicked the door.

The complaint states that Patterson tied up the teenager and surrounded him with tape before shooting Dennis.

The call came home after Denise received a 911 call from her cellphone. But by the time they arrived minutes later, Klaus was gone.

For the next 88 days, the teenager was forced to live under a bed in Patterson’s cabin. Authorities said it was barricaded with storage boxes and other weights, but she managed to escape.

Patterson was arrested soon after Claus was found. He was charged with her kidnapping and the murders of her parents. He pleaded guilty in March 2019 and was sentenced to life in prison.

Patterson said in a letter to NBC affiliate KRE that his motive for Klaus’ kidnapping was “not black and white.” He previously told investigators that he targeted Klaus “the girl he was going to pick up” after telling him about a criminal complaint, a school bus near his home.

Smith said in his statement that he “wants to remind others never to take life for granted.”

“You never know what tomorrow will bring. Always remember to tell your loved ones that you love them.”

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