Bigg Boss 14: Jasmine Bhasin and Eli Gony’s families discuss their wedding after the show

Dismissed Bigg Boss 14 contestant Jasmine Bhasin and her boyfriend and fellow housewife Ellie Gony will discuss their marriage after the family returns from the reality show. Interacting with fans on Twitter on Tuesday during the #AskJasmin session, Jasmine revealed her wedding plans. Responding to a fan who asked if she was planning to marry her boyfriend Ellie Gony, Jasmine tweeted: “Marriage is a very big decision to be taken by two people. Our family and I are in @AlyGoni’s Waiting to come back and we’ll discuss. It’s as a family. ” Bigg Boss 14: Elli Goni’s sister Ilham believes that her brother may have won Salman Khan’s Jasmine Bhasin reality show

A fan asks Jasmine about her feelings for Ellie and whether her parents have consented to their marriage. To this, the actress replied: “It was a beautiful feeling that we had inside the house. As far as I know my parents have no problem with it.” Jasmine also shared that her parents were “very sad and heartbroken”, bailing her out of the show recently. “My father was very hurt but this is very normal. Every father wants to see his child win,” she wrote in a tweet, replying to a fan. Bigg Boss 14: Jasmine Bhasin confirmed to be in love with Annie Goni, reveals her wedding plans

Responding to another fan’s question about whether she would re-enter the show, Jasmine shared: “This is the most asked question and I’m here to address it. If the producers call me back, I’ll go back to you guys. I can see how much my exit hurts all of you. So yes, I’ll just be there for my fans. “Jasmine also expressed that she is a reality show with dignity. Feeling proud to participate in

She wrote: “I am so proud of myself that I played the game with grace and dignity! Mai was as much in love as I did, Hum Kya Hoga Pyaar Ke Bahar Aayi Aayi (More love than I ever got when I entered the show.) I left the show with a lot of love.) My fans and viewers have watched me with great love and I am very grateful for that. “

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