After a break with Trump, Pence paved a new path


WASHINGTON – After more than four years of unswerving loyalty, Vice President Mike Pence is deeply troubled by the way his relationship with President Donald Trump is concerned, according to many people familiar with Pence’s thinking, The administration is coming in the midst of the thugs’ case.

There is also a deep and widespread anger among Pence’s allies and allies about how Trump shunned his most dedicated soldier on his refusal to circumvent an important constitutional duty toward these people. The president’s decision did not reach Pence and his family while they took refuge inside the Capitol bunker as Trump supporter rioters ransacked the building, specifically ranking Pence and others in his class.

The vice president himself is “very upset” that Trump did no more to divert the mob, some of whom chanted for Pence’s execution. “Life was at stake,” said a person close to Pence.

The White House issued a general statement Saturday, condemning “all calls of violence” against anyone in the Trump administration, after days of notable silence on the issue. The president still has not acknowledged that Pence’s safety – or that of any officer in the Capitol on Wednesday – was at risk.

According to several people close to Trump and Pence, the two have not spoken since Wednesday morning, with the president repeatedly ordering a second time to break his oath and try to somehow interfere with the electoral college’s tabulation of votes Later, Pence did not have the authority to do so.

Pence has regretted telling people close to both him and Trump that “he was a good fellow for years,” yet the president left him on “one small thing”, one of these people said.

The vice president hopes to resume more regular schedules in the administration’s final nine days, with events and speeches designed to promote his own work – when bipartisan lawmakers continue to call Trump to resign Kept.

And next week, Pence will attend the inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden, while Trump has said he will not.

Those who have marveled at Pence’s ability to remain steadfast in his devotion to Trump and argue that it would be an asset in any political future now acknowledge that it could permanently tarnish Pence’s ambitions .

But others are close to the Vice President, and even some Republicans close to Trump claim that Pence may be politically better than he was before Wednesday, despite his disappointment.

The person close to the president said “Pence is in the strongest position he has ever been”, because the vice president has the ability to say he was fanatical to Trump but had to abide by the constitution. And another source suggested that the president’s actions during and after Wednesday’s violence removed him from serious controversy in 2024, when Pence was widely considered for the presidency.

As the Vice President wants to walk that fine line, however, many of Trump’s supporters actually believe the baseless charge that the 2020 election was stolen – and they see Pence as a way to correct that wrong, Which create even more frustration among the GOP. base.

Over the weekend, Pence took the initiative along the way to spend his last days in office, balancing the Trump administration’s desire to highlight perceived successes as to how to remove or remove the president’s possible impeachment. Pence is unwilling to sign to invite the 25th Amendment, according to people familiar with his thinking, and instead he waits for the clock to run so that he is “in one piece,” on Jan. 20. According to your colleague.

Pence also spoke with the family of Capitol Police Officer Brian Siknik, who was wounded in the assault by rioters during last week’s attack. The president has not yet spoken with the family and half the staff have been hired to flag at the White House, as they were in the Capitol complex for several days.

Even high-ranking Trump officials have expressed disappointment with the president’s conduct toward Pence, including Seema Verma, the administrator of Medicare and Medicaid Services, who has known Pence for years. Verma has told staff that he is “scandalous” both inside and outside the administration, and has argued that attacks on him “erode confidence in our democracy.”

Trump’s decision to have a strong-handed Pence was one he was familiarized with in what he described as a “pressure campaign” in the middle of the week that began in mid-December, with presidents from presidential allies Were calling, so that they could see such scenarios. Biden’s last attempt to reverse the victory.

Pence has always viewed his work “through the lens of duty”, as another Pence aide, including his decision not to challenge the Electoral College count. “It was about the Constitution and the law, not about politics.”

The Vice President’s ability to look back and say he felt he had done the right thing would also be important to him, with a close aide speculating that Pence might believe something like this: “I must be true that I Who am And if this is my political capital, then so be it. I will be able to sleep at night, knowing that I have done my work. “

Kelly O’Donnell has contributed.


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