RIP Tanya Roberts: 1980s Bond Girl and Charlie’s Angel Actress, Away from 65


One-time Bond girl Tanya Roberts, who was wrongly declared dead by her representatives on Sunday (local time), died on Monday night (local time). According to Fox News, the late actor’s longtime partner Lance O’Brien said on Tuesday (local time) that Roberts died on Monday night after being hospitalized for complications of UTI, which he says First spread to kidney, liver and gall bladder. “Got into his blood.” Mike Fenton is the family casting director of ‘Back to the Future’, who is 85 years old

She was previously wrongly reported dead on Sunday by her partner, who clarified on Monday morning that although she thought she was dead, the hospital later called to clarify that she was alive. Born in 1975, Victoria Leigh Blum, Roberts had an illustrious career in modeling and TV commercials. He was 65. Artie Ciccardi, Backstage Legend of Broadway, Pass Away 89

Roberts played the role of Stacey Sutton in the 1985 James Bond film ‘A View to a Kill’ and Miz Pinciotti in ‘That’ 70s Show.

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