Some pet foods were recalled after reports of the deaths of 28 dogs, the FDA warned


The Food and Drug Administration said at least 28 dogs have died and another eight dogs have fallen ill after eating, which contains a high level of toxin called aflatoxin.

The FDA is investigating these reports, and is alerting pet owners and veterinarians that some Sportmix brand pet foods “may have potentially lethal levels of aflatoxin.”

Aflatoxin mold is manufactured by Aspergillus flavus, the FDA states. This mold can develop on corn and other grains used in pet foods. At high levels, it can be fatal to pets.

Sportmix Energy Plus Dog Food is one of the products recalled by Midwestern Pet Foods.FDA

On Wednesday, Midwest Pet Food Inc., the maker of the SportMix brand of pet foods, announced the withdrawal of nine lots of pet food. A list of recalled products can be found on the FDA website.

The FDA is working with the manufacturer, along with the Missouri Department of Agriculture, to determine whether additional products contain higher levels of alatoxin.

Deputy Director of the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine Division, Drs. Amber McGoeig said, “While this pet food recall is still unfolding, we are sharing the facts we have shared so far because the aflatoxin levels found in recalled pet food are fatal. ” Said in a statement of compliance.

Pet owners should stop feeding these foods to their pets, and contact their vet.

According to the FLA, symptoms of abdominal poisoning may include lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting, jaundice (a sign of liver damage) and / or diarrhea. If your pet has symptoms, contact your doctor immediately.

The FDA states that pets are particularly susceptible to aflatoxin poisoning because they typically eat the same food. If the food contains aflatoxin, the toxin may accumulate in their body over time.

However, pet owners are not deemed to be at risk.

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