Synopsis on Bigg Boss 14 December 28: Bigg Boss paid BB14 householders for Nikki Tamboli and Ellie Gony’s rule-breaking behavior


The nomination special episode always puts Bigg Boss 14 in a state of panic. All the alliances they make are tested and flawed housewives are also used. This time, Bigg Boss pulls off Eli Gony and Nikki Tamboli as they think they are making fun of something from the nomination. Both are not taking the process seriously and have become habitual rule breakers. Bigg Boss says that due to the conduct of these two contestants, the entire house will have to pay a price! The housemates are shocked by this harsh surprise. Bigg Boss 14: Vikas Gupta claims that his ex has destroyed their relationship, pledging ‘Ab aap mai chodunga no’ (see video).

Arshi Khan blasts both Ellie and Nikki. Even good friend Rahul Vaidya tells Eli that he is disappointed in her. Rubina Dilac, Rakhi Sawant and Abhinav Shukla also request two contestants to break the rules. Ellie and Nikki now have some serious thinking. Next, we see Rakhi giving some very attractive and incredible, yet funny, health-related tips to Rahul Vaidya. She says that potato is good for the heart! Both Rahul and Ellie look on incredulously, as Rakhi claims to have studied MBBS from Canada. Asked what the full-form MBBS is, Rakhi is out of her depth and excuses herself as she asks the other contestants what it means! Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan received as a holiday gift from Ijaz Khan, Rahul Mahajan and Abhinav Shukla.

Vikas Gupta is seen discussing matters of the heart with Rubina and Nikki. He shares how it has been over four years that he has been stressed over matters of the heart. Visibly distressed and in tears, Vikas is comforted by the other housewives, who all embrace him as a group. What will be punished for the Bigg Boss? Will Nikki and Ellie change their behavior and take the game more seriously?

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