The oldest Pearl Harbor veteran has a post office named after him


SAN DIEGO – President Donald Trump has signed a bill that would name a California post office for Ray Chavez, the oldest military veteran to survive Japan’s 1941 attack on US forces in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in 2018 .

The bill was between 19 signed by Trump on Monday and would designate the main post office in Poway, a San Diego suburb where Chavez Ray Chavez lived as the post office building.

“Definitely made his mark on this community and our country,” he said, with US Rep. Scott Peters, D-California, who sponsored the bill at a news conference last year.

Chavez enlisted in the Navy in 1938 and boarded the USS Condor, a minesweeper, when it was the first naval vessel to report sightings of a Japanese submarine in nearby waters before December 7, 1941, leading to World War II. America was dropped. .

The fighting killed 2,335 American military personnel and 68 civilians.

Chavez, who died at the age of 106, grew up in Old Town and Logan Heights, two of San Diego’s oldest neighborhoods. He returned to his hometown after the war to work as a ground defender at the University of California, San Diego, and later owned a landscaping business in Poway.

In May 2018, a few months before he died after a battle with pneumonia, Chavez traveled to Washington to have a meeting with Trump at the White House.

Two days later, Trump said of the Veteran, “What a man. And, Ray, you are truly an inspiration to all who are today and all of our great country.”

After Chavez’s death, Trump said, “His legacy is forever dug into the rich history of our country.”

When asked about his service, “He just shook his shoulders and shook his head and said, ‘I was just doing my job,” daughter Kathleen Chavez said in 2018.


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