Vivek Oberoi watched O Hamdum Suniyo Re’s bike ride as a 18 year old (see video)

One of the biggest blockbusters of Vivek Oberoi’s career was the Yash Raj film friend. She starred alongside Rani Mukherjee in the romantic drama, in which the eloping pair come to terms with the difficulties that come with domestic life. The film struck a chord with the audience and even after 18 years, it is relevant and much loved. The film’s music, by AR Rahman, was path-breaking, and it will rule the hearts for generations to come. As Sathiya watches 18 years, Vivek finds a lovely way to celebrate it. Rosie: Saffron Chapter – Vivek Oberoi shared with COVID-19 Pandemic (see video) after the BTS video was relaunched.

The actor took his bike out for a ride in Mumbai, as does his character in the film in the opening shot of the film. In the scene, a judgmental Vivek is riding his bike on the city streets, blasting in his ears through headphones “Hey Hamdum Suniyo Re”. He runs his fingers through his silky hair and just looks so beautiful. Vivek recreated the moment for his followers on social media. Iti – Can You Solve Your Own Murder: Vivek Oberoi introduces Rajiv Sen as Rohit Vardhan with this new poster!

Watch Vivek Oberoi’s tweet here:

Saathiya was a unique experience for Prem Ki Bagiya. Usually, Bollywood films end with the main couple and get married. But the love story started with Rani and Vivek’s wedding in Sathiya. Directed by Shaad Ali, the film should be on everyone’s watchlist.

Earlier, Rani had revealed that she had changed the role, but the late Yash Chopra coerced her, blackmailing her as well. “My father-in-law Mr. Yash Chopra called my parents in his office and they closed the door. He said, ‘You don’t leave this room until Rani does this film.’ Therefore, it was blackmail, ”the queen said. Like he laughed in an interview. The actress said that she was happy that Mr. Yash Chopra asked for a brilliant performance.

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