US teen jailed in Cayman Islands for breaking Kovid protocol gets lesser punishment

An American college student who broke the mandatory 14-day quarantine protocol for visitors to the Cayman Islands served a lesser sentence after an appeal was filed by his lawyer that the sentence was “particularly harsh”.

A spokesman for the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal told NBC News in an email that the jail time of 18-year-old Skylar Mac, and her boyfriend, 24-year-old Vanja Ramjit, was four to two months on Tuesday.

The couple’s lawyer said the two were incredibly sorry for their actions.

“They both express genuine remorse, a true appreciation for the seriousness of what had happened,” said Jonathan Hughes.

Skylar Mac.Cayman Compass

Mack is an ex-med student from Georgia who met her boyfriend in the Cayman Islands for a jet-skiing competition. Mack, who had not been quarantined for the mandatory two weeks, said she set aside for only two days and tested negative for Kovid-19 before taking part in her boyfriend’s competition.

Skylar’s grandmother, Jeanne Mack, told Monday on the “Today” show that her granddaughter had just wanted to return home.

“She knows she made a mistake, she is up to it, but she is very hysterical right now,” Jean said.

According to the government’s Kovid-19 dashboard, there have been 316 cases and 2 deaths in the Cayman Islands, a British overseas territory with approximately 65,000 people.

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