Sandwich Forever Review: Kunal Roy Kapur and Zakir Hussain are the only funny people in this boring family comedy (especially only)

Sameer (Kunal Roy Kapur) and Naina (Ahana Kumra) marry with the blessings of parents on both sides. However, Naina’s father, DK (Atul Kulkarni), almost forces her to get a flat next to her flat, played by Sameer’s parents, Zakir Hussain and Divya Seth Shah, for the children to live next door. Moved to Mumbai. An enjoyable set-up for a newlywed couple as two sets of parents do not interfere with their lives each time.

Writers Devang Kakkar, Bharti Kukreti, Pankaj Sudhir Mishra do a lively job in presenting the ideals of the characters. DK is an ex-army man who has a habit of sniffing around, Manjari’s wrong predictions, Shastriji’s obsession with plants, Sameer’s negligence and more. All these add a different color to the story. In later episodes, jokes or jibis get a bit of fun that will earn some chuckles here and there. But what stands out is the set-up. It has been such a long time since we have seen a presentation where everything is happening on set. It’s like a live audience set-up. So it reminded us of the good times of television.

However, it ends there. While the characters have good moments here and there, they don’t come together to make it a great comedy. The biggest tragedy of this series is that the first two episodes are a drag. Nothing makes you laugh and it can be harmful to the show. The series gets a bit better in later episodes but it will be difficult for viewers to maintain trust. Also, Zakir Hussain’s character takes so long to become truly funny. And by the time you start investing in it, the chain is over. Atul Kulkarni feels that COVID-19 epidemic will increase inequality, impact economy and education

There are some lines that were probably written to make people laugh, but they gave an aggressive voice. Where DK says that all unemployed youth of the country say that work from home to sound cool. It seems a little insensitive to make a jib at a time when so many people are losing jobs every day. There is a need to take leeway under the guise of comedy smartly and not carelessly. Suddenly there is an NRC jib that only landed well as Hussein said. Otherwise, it would seem like an afterthought.

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It is a pity that Kunal Roy Kapoor did not get more funny roles. She is so natural. The only person who keeps you going in the initial episode is him. The character of Zakir Hussain, as I have mentioned earlier, goes through a gestational period to become comic. Luckily, since it is Hussein when he finally gets good one-liners, he becomes the star of the series. Lubna Salim is genuinely happy to watch, while Divya Seth is charming. But the biggest example is Atul Kulkarni. His jokes are not coming off, he looks lost in some instances and he is a little girl who is the father of a married girl.


-Great actors

-Kunal Roy Kapur, Zakir Hussain


-Funny gans

-Working in first two episodes

– Amazing treatment of Shri’s character

final thoughts

Sandwich forever Gives you a sense of the wonderful family humor we grew up with, but it doesn’t match up to the same level. Sandwich forever Streaming on SonyLIV.

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