Moula Music Video: Erica Fernandes and Roman Shawl’s chemistry is Electrifying and Natural

Actress Erica Fernandes is chilling at the moment and taking it lightly on the work front. Having been part of the daily soap for the past few years, Erica is currently enjoying a music video craze in the industry. Titled Juda after doing a romantic number with TV hotty Harshad Chopra, the actress shot another music video, which was released today. Juda Daya Lyrics: Sweet Chemistry by Harshad Chopra and Erica Fernandes is a visual treat (see video).

A music video called Maula shows some electrified chemistry by Erica and Sushmita Sen’s Begum Rohan Shaul. This music video serves as the beginning of Rohan’s music video and is a heart-wrenching tale of an incomplete love story. Erica Fernandes’s scorching hot look in a hip-high slit gown will make you sweat in chill winters as well (see photos).

Check out the video below:

Maula has a love triangle between Rohan Shaul, Erica Fernandes and Salman Sheikh. In it, a married Erica is still in love with her dead army officer, Beau Romain, while her husband’s heart breaks over seeing his wife’s love for someone else. However, the video ends with Erica Rohan trying to bury her memories and love her husband. Moula is portrayed as Papon while Goldie Sohail composed the song.

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