Bigg Boss 14 December 23 Synopsis: Hot Air Balloon Task for Captaincy Arshi Khan and Vikas Gupta clash!

The rank of Captain is one of the most prestigious positions in the house of Bigg Boss. And Bigg Boss 14 always stutters to achieve that status due to providing protection. Members of the house ensure that they win any task to claim captaincy, and there are always clashes in the house. This time, it is the work of the Hot Air Balloon, in which housewives are supposed to hang bags of people they want out of the race as captains. One by one, the housemates have to sneak into the hot air balloon and throw the bag of the contestant who they think is not fit to be the captain of the house. Bigg Boss 14 December 22 Episode: Abhinay Shukla by Eli Gony in the captaincy task; BJP politician Sonali Phogat featured the show – 5 highlights of BB14.

Arshi Khan decided that she would nominate her old rival Vikas Gupta who has re-entered the house. Vikas, not going out for the second time, does not allow Arshi to nominate him. He is there to win it and accepts that he decides to do whatever he wants to do to win the race. Arshi gets emotional on this matter and starts crying bitterly. Bigg Boss 14 preview: Arshi Khan spoke after locking horns with Vikas Gupta, blaming Ellie Gony and Rahul Vaidya for making him a villain (see video).

Not only development, she also accuses other family members of quarreling with development. When Arshi enters the balloon, it seems that she is suddenly making a change of heart! She says that she feels Vikas can make a much better captain than Rahul and Rahul is stunned.

He tries to remind her that Vikas is her biggest rival, but Arshi is entangled there. The other housemates try to impress Arshi and Rahul says that they are all just filling her ears and Arshi should make her decision. Will Arshi Khan choose her biggest rival Vikas Gupta over Rahul Vaidya? Is it the olive branch she is offering development for?

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