Ax-wielding vandal breaks windows of North Dakota senator’s Fargo office

Police in Fargo, North Dakota, say they have identified an ax suspect in the vandalism of the offices of US Senator John Hoven (RN.D.).

Police have identified a suspect in connection with the incident in Senator John Hoven’s office.Fargo Police Department

Surveillance video from Friday evening showed a masked man walking up a stairway toward the closed door of the office, using an ax while breaking the window and removing the safety glass from the frame before walking away peacefully. I went.

Hoven’s office is located near the city’s Fargo Skywalk, a glass-enclosed walkway that connects the two buildings on North Broadway Drive.

A spokesperson for Hoven did not immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment. Telephone calls to Fargo and their offices in Washington went unanswered.

The Fargo Police Department wrote on Facebook that a report of the suspect would be forwarded to the state’s attorney.

Reached by telephone on Wednesday, the Cass County States Attorney confirmed to NBC News that he had not yet received a report of the Fargo Department’s case.

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