Airlines to bring back thousands of workers if aid bill is signed

American Airlines and United Airlines say that if the stimulus bill signed by President Congress Donald Trump, they would lay off the majority of the 32,000 industry workers.

The bill owes $ 15 billion in payroll support through March 2021, with the industry suffering harsh losses from travel and trade restrictions caused by the epidemic, a $ 25 billion expansion in relief money that ran into the decline.

On the same day that President Trump waived controversial characters such as Russian investigative figure George Papadopoulos, he criticized the bill for not spending enough on individuals to make incentive checks that would threaten to derail mass talks Were.

In a memo released on Monday, United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby and President Brett Hart said that with this funding the airline intends to “offer temporary employment to thousands of our team members who were affected on September 30.”

But Kirby and Hart warn that the callback is unlikely to be permanent.

“The truth is, we do not see anything in the data right now that shows a huge difference in bookings over the next few months. So we hope that the recall will be temporary. “

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker and President Robert Isom issued a statement on Monday, saying that by expanding the payroll support program “we will be able to fully bring team members back to work and resume air service to those cities and towns” Will be able to depend on us – important moments all at once. “

On Tuesday they released A memorandum to employees Stating that the airline plans to bring back about 19,000 workers. “While salaries and benefits will be restored immediately, people will be asked to return to the operation in stages,” he wrote.

Buyouts, early retirement packages and temporary leaves of absence have helped Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines avoid major cuts in their workforce so far, but earlier this month Southwest warned employees that without Relief’s airline will have to lay off about 7,000 employees.

All airlines are feeling the pinch. The International Air Transport Association predicts intensive industry losses to continue through 2021.

Still, while the Centers for Disease Control is urging Americans to stay home this holiday season, last week the TSA has reported fluctuations in the number of checks at American airports per day at about one million passengers.

Travel agency AAA predicts 2.94 million people who will travel by air in the vacation period of about 60 percent fewer vacationers than in the previous year.

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