Young Promising Young Woman demands to know why we protect so-called promising youth

“Promising Young Woman” is a brilliant, challenging, neon-pink punch to the gut that calls into question what it means to be alive. It meets “Heathers”, “Looking for Mr. Goodbar” for successful young professionals; It is so provocative that a fight erupted at its first exam screening.

I can’t stop thinking about it.

Writer / director Emerald Fennell – who is also the listener for the second season of “Killing Eve” and the actor who plays Camilla Parker Balls in “The Crown” – created an exciting 21st-century, black-hearted thriller that is hypocrisy Is hypocritical of A society less concerned with justice for survivors of sexual assault than the allegedly promising futures of its attackers. It is also an aesthetic delight with immaculately designed suburban interiors and costumes that blink-blink-you-miss, a reference and an unearthly catchy sound.

Cassandra Thomas was once a promising young woman, played by Carrie Mulligan, who is completely alienated by the vacant influence of someone. But after initially unspecified “something” happened to her best friend Nina, she dropped out of med school, moved back to her parents’ suburban home and moved on to spend years working at a coffee shop Enhanced. Her only friend is her boss Gayle, played by LaVerne Cox, who is worried enough to threaten Cassandra with firing, so that she can do something else with her life.

But Cassandra is, in fact, doing something else with her life: by night, she gets dressed up for various costumes and various bars and clubs, where she pretends to be very drunk and does a very real spectacle of herself is. Men who take advantage (who probably do not perceive themselves as dangerous predators, but actually they are) are Cassie’s victims for one of their female seminars on sexual consent; Like any good caricature, they are over-the-top and completely recognizable.

It is also about the film that actually survives in a society that is more interested in dealing with the trauma of the past.

For example, Adam Brody’s dog-eyed businessman, who lies down on a drunk Cussie disgusted by his friends and takes him home to Uber … well, to his house, where he is bare coherent and Mumbling goes, “What are you doing?” Wide awake and to a collision, popping upright like a reanimated zombie as he stares her down from between her legs.

“Hey,” asks Cassandra. “What did I say? Doing? You? Doing?”

“You’re not as rare as you think,” he explains as a novelist-hunter with a similar love for David-Foster Wallace and cocaine. (This is another great casting choice: Christopher Mintz-Plassey – who played the booze- and sex-obsessed McLovin from “Superad” – as the sensitive feminist type who tells him that people don’t really like makeup. )

Carrie Mulligan acts as “Cassandra” in a scene from “Promising Young Woman”.Courtesy of Focus Features / Focus Features

So maybe the film “Mr. Goodbar ”- but with a dangerous turn for men and more deliberate risks from Kassi, no matter how different he seemed from the consequences of those risks. I wasn’t sure if any men would actually stop when he said no then how far his anger would take him if he wasn’t, but that’s the point.

Like her Greek names, Cassandra holds a mirror to those around her, and she does not like what they see. And the anger which he exerts within himself easily turns inward; The only desire he feels in life is that it is low-level vengeance with self-destruction.

It is a brilliant 21st-century, black-thriller thriller, which prevents the hypocrisy of a society less concerned with justice for survivors of sexual assault than the allegedly promising futures of its attackers.

Cassie’s increasingly epic quest for revenge on anyone who had nothing to do with Nina’s event is derailed when Ryan (Bo Burnham), a pediatrician, asks her to school with her, Asks her. He is patient and gentle with Cassie, whose behavior makes him confused, but he can give as good as one gets for dark humor. Cassie starts to open up but, like the bank robber who wants to do one last blow, she just has one last person she wants to face.

On its surface, the “promising young woman” would go to length to protect a certain section of the “promising youth” about society – white, educated, wealthy, and with parents who protect themselves from the consequences of their actions Can hire expensive lawyers. . The people entangled in their protection are not just men, of course – and Cassie does not spare them either.

But beneath it, “Promising Young Woman” prevents the illusion of social ownership. Tony Med School, which Cassie left, does not sound too far from high school, which is held in the 90s thrills to teenage girls in “Heaths”, binge drinking and back-stabbing Doing is to blackout students. No one wants to accept what happened to Nina, so it’s mostly referenced with euphemisms for the film until Cassie forces them to confront what happened and call it its name Should be called: Rape.

But it is also about a film that actually survives in a society that is more interested in dealing with the trauma of the past. Cassie is alive, but she is in a standstill; She is escaping but far from being done. On her 30th birthday – which she claimed to have forgotten – her parents give her a pink suitcase as a sign of exit.

The question then is how far will she take this revenge and whatever personal progress will be made for her and what new toll will take on her. After all, she was such a promising young woman; Often we find a way to fulfill those promises, one way or the other.

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