Year Ender 2020: From Robert Downey Jr.’s Dollette to Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot, 7 Big-Ticket Hollywood Films That Most Discouraged Us This Year (Latest Exclusive)

We have told you again how the epidemic changed the cinema this year, OTT platforms gained more prominence after the cinemas lost business against virulent viruses and lockdowns in various countries. Many big films have been postponed for next year. Like some movies theory Sent to ‘die’ at the box office. And some came directly to platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video, a move that was met with mixed reactions. Year-Ender 2020: The Invisible Man to Soul, 11 Hollywood Films That We Are Enjoying Most This Year.

Epidemic or not, 2020 was like any other year. Even with the restricted number of releases, we had good films. And we had some bad ones. And if the films come in mass and with the cast, and of course, the expectations, and they go bad, the disappointment is greater.

At the end of this special year, we see nine Hollywood veterans who disappointed us the most in 2020.

the Grudge

A still from the grudge

The original film may not be a classic, but it did have some scary moments. The remake, however, is bland, boring and lacks any good fuss, while also ruining some of the good cast in the cast.


Robert Downey Jr. in Dulitil

About the most disappointing aspect Dulitil It was Robert Downey Jr.’s first film when his MCU innings ended, And it turned out to be such a traitor. While the vast roster of actors voicing the animals offers some fun moments, the film itself is a let down, and so is Downey’s unstoppable attempt to pull off an Irish accent.


Win diesel in blood

Like playing Groot in MCU and DOM was not enough Fast and furious Franchise, Vin Diesel’s attempt to play the real superhero was a dull effort.. Save for a mid-film twist, there’s nothing too catchy Gory, It is an imitation of VFX or terrible action sequences.

Artemis Fowell

Feria Shaw in Artemis Fowell

There is an unwritten rule in cinema that if a film delays its release, there is a high probability that it could be terrible. A rule that applies to many films in this list. Artemis Fowell One such film. The Disney fantasy film faced delays several times before it was dumped on Disney + and we knew why, when it came out. Stray too far from your source material, Artemis Fowell Within five minutes it loses interest in its story of fairies, elves and monsters which is a unique YA flick. Also, Dame Judy Dench really needs to fire her agent to create her signature for it.

The new mutants

A still from new mutants

As if despair called dark Phoenix Was not enough, de X Men The franchise with Josh Boons actually went on a low note The new mutants. It is believed that the beginning of a new franchise within the universe, The new mutants Some good things were going on in its favor. Young artists, specialty game of ThronesMassey Williams, SplitAnya taylor-joey and Strange things‘Charlie Heaton was promising, and includes a same-sex romance, rarely explored in superhero films. but The new mutants Disappoints in its biggest USP – being a horror film. Apart from that a huge faux specialty climax… is truly useless!


Yifei Liu in Mulayan

If the epidemic does not happen in their business, there was a chance Mulan It could earn a billion dollars at the box office. Thank you to China, as a whole. Apart from unclaimed BO benefits, The live-action remake of a beloved 1998 Disney animated film is latent in several departments. It takes itself very seriously, the action sequences are just polite and it seriously misses Mushu Dragon.

Hubby halloween

Julie Bowen and Adam Sandler in Holly Halloween

Adam Sandler who was so good at the Netflix movie last year Uncut gem, Returns to amuse his hardcore fan with a Halloween comedy. Featuring his usual gang, Hubby halloween A good sense of mystery is brought out by lousy jokes, gross out lies And another attempt to take an accent to Sandler’s laughter.

the witches

Witches anne hathaway

How can Anne Hathaway be so depressing playing a witch? Despite Hathaway and Octavia Spencer in the main, the witches, Which released directly on HBO Max, was an annoying fantasy film, with a problematic screenplay and terrifying VFX.

Class dance

From a still prom

You have Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman in the cast, and still are Class dance Nowhere near caliber Hours or The big little lies. While he himself is a tragedy, the biggest crime of this music is that, apart from being a terrible bore, it fails to do justice to a social theme he wants to push – the acceptance of one’s sexuality.

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