Washington quarterback Dwayne Haskins apologizes for visit to maskless strip club

Two days after Washington football team quarterback Dwayne Haskins portrayed partyless masking at a strip club on Sunday, he issued an apology for what could be the second Kovid-19 security breach of the year.

In one Apology posted on Twitter on Tuesday, Haskins said he spoke to Washington head coach Ron Rivera on Monday and “took full accountability to put the team at risk.”

“It was irresponsible and immature for me and I accept responsibility for my action,” Haasins wrote.

In a second tweet, Haskins stated that he “apologized for causing a distraction for my team during our playoff push.”

Haskins has since hidden all of his social media from the public, but several media outlets – including the Associated Press and the official NFL Network – have viewed and reported on the tweets. NBC News has not seen the original tweet.

Haskins was already fined nearly $ 5,000 in October for violating the Kovid-19 protocol after making a reservation for a family friend at a team hotel, but in that case the risk was avoided because the reservation friend Was discovered before the arrival of and was canceled.

It is unclear whether Haskins will be punished by the NFL or the Washington football team for Sunday’s apparent Kovid-19 protocol violation.

An NFL spokesman told NBC News that, so far, Haskins would be able to play in this upcoming Sunday’s game despite a visit to the masked strip club. But his team could still discipline him for being harmful to the organization due to protocol violations related to Kovid.

“From the team’s point of view, we are aware of the social media posts and were in contact with the NFL yesterday,” said Sean DeBarbieri, a spokesman for the Washington football team.

“We’re going to keep the rest of the game in-house. We’re completely focused on our game on Sunday against Carolina,” DeBarbieri said.

The Associated Press has contributed.

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