The legal battle of Iliyaraaja and Prasad Studio continues, with the Madras High Court seeking invaluable settlement

It seems that music giants Ilaiyaraaja and L.V. in Chennai Prasad is not in a mood to stop the legal war between studios. As per the latest development, we hear that in a statement released, Prasad Studios has set the record straight and refused Ilaiyaraaja’s entry into its premises. Well, to calm the quarrel between the two, the Madras High Court had suggested that an amicable resolution should come to both sides, but it never ends. Ilaiyaraaja turns 76! Maestro to perform at a special event today with KJ Yesudas and Balasubrahmanyam!

Allegedly, the Madras High Court suggested that the court-appointed candidate look into Ilaiyaraaja’s entry into the studio so that the music composer could examine his property and remove it from there. However, the studio was not keen on the idea, but was willing to allow representatives on behalf of Ustad, who would take a trip to the studio and retrieve the legend’s belongings. Ilaiyaraaja Birthday: 5 songs composed by Ustad, the music of Indian cinema, that you need to hear now!

For those who are not aware, the topic of discussion here is Recording Theater-1, where Ilaiyaraaja worked for 35 years. In a shocking turn of events, the musician demanded Rs 50 lakh on Prasad Studio. Ilaiyaraaja accused him of forcibly ejecting, damaging his equipment, equipment and selling his work in the black market during the lockout. Ilaiyaraaja loses his cool at a security guard in his live concert with SPB? Watch video from the event.

In his police complaint, Ilaiyaraaja claimed that some people entered the studio as an order by Sai Prasad (owner of the studio) and damaged all his musical valuables. Well, there has to be justice, yet. stay tuned!

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