The family prays for the safe return of a New York woman who has been missing since October

With just a few days to go until Christmas, a New York family is eagerly anticipating and praying for the safe return of Lynette Hernández, a 27-year-old mother who has been missing since October.

“I just want to find my daughter,” Lynette’s mother, Lourdes Pinzone, told Dateline. “I need her. And her daughter needs her mother. Every day she asks questions. And I don’t have an answer.”

Lourdes, who lives in Nassau County, New York, reports that Dateline last saw her daughter on September 19, 2020. Lynette and her 6-year-old daughter Bella were living with Lourdes, but Lynette was planning to move to Brooklyn. To be with her lover.

“She was excited to move into an apartment in Brooklyn,” Lourdes said. “But … I wasn’t sure it was a good idea.”

The days turned into weeks and Lourdes became concerned that he had not heard from Lynette. And even more worryingly, Lynette did not call Bella.

“She would always call Bella,” Lourdes said. “Bella has a phone only her mother can call her. I asked her and I checked her phone. but nothing.”

Lourdes called family members and friends, asking if they had seen or heard from Lynette. She was seen at her usual locations in Jamaica, Queens and southern Brooklyn, but was not seen for the last time.

Lourdes decided it was time to reach Lynette’s boyfriend. It was October 10, 2020. She told Dateline that the last time she told him was that she saw Lynette on October 4.

“He didn’t know where she was … said they didn’t fight or anything,” Lourdes said. “He thought he was off with friends. Or back with us.”

Lourdes told Dateline that she kept trying to reach Lynette on her phone, but was cut off. At the time, his family was also unable to locate it, he said.

On October 12, Lourdes filed a missing person report with the Nassau County Police Department. Although a report was taken, Lourdes said he was told that he needed to file a missing person’s report in Brooklyn, since that was the last place Lynette was seen.

But when Lourdes went to the New York Police Department in Brooklyn, he said he was told there was nothing they could do after the case was filed in Nassau.

Detective Carrion Hoovert of the Nassau County Police confirmed to Dateline that they had a missing person report and were accepting tips and clues in Lynette, but since the case is out of their jurisdiction, their hands are tied. He said he hoped the NYPD would take over the investigation.

“Anyone who has information can call us here in Nassau County, or if you see Lynette in Brooklyn or Queens, immediately call the NYPD in your area,” Det. Hoover said. “What’s important is that we find Lynette.”

Lynette’s family, some of whom live in Nassau County, some in Brooklyn and Queens, have gone out every day, posting flyers and talking to people to take them to Lennett.

Lynette’s cousin, Amy Sifuentes, who lives in Queens, reported that Dateline was hanging a flyer at a bus stop in Jamaica, Queens, when someone approached her and lost, saying, “Oh, another missing person.” “

“It’s disappointing,” Amy said. “There are too many missing people in that area, people have become numb to it.”

But as the COVID-19 epidemic continues through the city and a winter storm last week disrupted search efforts, Lynette’s family continued to hang out flyers, call shelters and hospitals, hoping for lead.

“We’re going through the streets, looking for him all the time,” Lourdes said. “But there’s nowhere to go.”

Lourdes told Dateline that it is disappointing and said that it seems he is on his own in search of his daughter.

“I feel like I’m going in circles,” Lourdes said. “I don’t know what to do or where to turn.”

Lynette’s family has created a Bays Lynette Home Facebook page, with the hope that someone will report a viewing or sharing useful information.

But there are still many questions, her cousin, Amy told Dateline.

Amy said, “We are concerned that this is not like him.” “She always has her phone and is always on social media. It is strange for him not to connect to his phone. “

Amy tells Dateline that she worries that she may be in a situation where she can’t reach anyone for help.

“We don’t know if she’s alive or not,” Amy said. “Or if something has happened, maybe someone has, and he can’t come in contact with us. There are too many unknowns right now.”

Amy said that there was never a time when her cousin wasn’t in some contact with her daughter, so for weeks to pass Bella without a call, she’s worried.

“Bella is her number one,” Amy said. “She will always contact him, whatever it may be.”

Lynette’s mother Lourdes told Dateline that 6-year-old Bella is aware that her mother is missing and constantly asks her to search for him.

“She says, ‘Where are my uncles, let’s look for her,” Lourdes said shedding tears. “And I have no answer for that. This is disturbing. “

Lynette’s family told Dateline that they expected her to tell her story, that someone would see her picture, identify her, and that she might know where she might be.

“He also deserves help,” Lourdes said. “He is a human being. She is a mother. He has a child. He has a family that loves him. Now we just want his house. “

Lynette is 5’3 ” tall, weighs about 170 pounds and has brown hair and brown eyes. He has two tattoos; One on his upper back, a symbol of infinity with “twenty-four” written around him and the other on his torso, is an anchor with a heart. He has several holes including ears, nose and tongue.

If you have any information about Lynette Hernández’s whereabouts, please call the Nassau County Police Department at (516) 573-8800. His case number is C220CR378719. A cash reward will be offered for information leading to Lynette’s whereabouts.

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