Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Actor Mohit Malik and Addite Malik Expecting Their First Child

For many, as we said yesterday, it seems that 2021 will be a year of hope for many. Which also includes actors Mohit Malik and Adite Malik, who are ready to welcome their first child. The actors, who have been married for a decade now, are all set for parenthood and Baby Malik is scheduled to arrive in May 2021. “I was in the middle of a shoot when Editite called me to deliver the good news. He said,” ‘The tests are positive.’ For a minute, I panicked and assumed that she was talking about testing positive for COVID-19! But she laughingly told me that she was pregnant and that we are going to be parents. It took two days for this news to sink. “Kept asking him to check again and again,” said an excited Mohit while confirming the news to BT. Happy Father’s Day 2019: Kulfi Kumar Bajewala actor Mohit Malik dedicates this day to his character Sikander Singh Gill from the show.

Speaking to the daily, Edite revealed, “I have my restaurant business to take care of, but for the time being, all operations will be done from home. Both Mohit and I are taking extra precautions due to the epidemic and we are socially Keep distance. As much as possible. We avoid meeting friends who have recently started meeting each other. My father, who had been unwell for the past few months and is now recovering, grandfather. Most excited to be! ” EXCLUSIVE: On Mohit Malik Lockdown’s Lovestory – ‘My Character Dhruv Is More To Be A Personal Personal Journey For Me While Portraiting Him’.

While Mohit has recently played the doting dad in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala and he fell in love for his father’s character, he is now excited to play that role for a lifetime. He was also emotional and revealed how his parents have long wanted to be grandparents. He also describes how he and Edit are working to become better parents themselves as well. Karanvir Bohra and Teej Sidhu Welcome Baby Girl, the actor said that twins Bella and Vienna are excited to welcome their sister to the house (see video).

He said, “Both Adit and I are trying to be a better person and feel that we should not leave any room for negativity in our lives as a child imitates a parent. We look forward to this new chapter of our lives and want to give our best for it. “

“My parents had been waiting for so long to become grandparents. When I gave them the good news, I kept asking them, ‘Are you two happy now?’ When I played a father, Alexander, in my father Kulfi Kumre Bajewala’s show, I had to bend to my imagination to play the role of a father. But now, naturally, a paternal feeling will come to me. I play a father. Was very happy to play. Two daughters in the TV show, so I will be on the moon if we get a daughter, “he concluded.

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