Ilham Goni, sister of Bigg Boss 14 contestant Elli Goni, raped brother’s relationship, bonds with Jasmin Bhasin and Rahul Vaidya

Since Eli Gony has entered Bigg Boss 14’s house, we’ll admit, it has become more interesting. When Ellie managed to maintain a cordial relationship with everyone in the house and became quite entertaining, she formed a bond with contestant Rahul Vaidya and, if Ellie’s sister Ilham Gony is to be believed, the bond is for a lifetime. Ilham also talked about another life-long bond to Ellie, rumored that the woman is gourd Jasmin Bhasin. But come back to that later. Bigg Boss 14: Elli Gony, after seeing Beastie Jasmine Bhasin in the House, said that ‘2020’s Best Moment’ was for him.

Talking about his brother’s bond with Rahul Vaidya, Ilham said, “Ellie and Rahul share a great bond, and as far as I know Ellie if he forms such a relationship with someone , So he’s going to give his best for it. ” From both sides, I can see that Rahul is genuine in the relationship as well. This is going to be an everlasting friendship. “She continued,” and now that Rahul is back, I think they can both make a very good strategy and move forward on the show. They are both strong and they will stand up for each other. ” Bigg Boss 14: Ellie Gony to enter the show on 4 November to support good friend Jasmin Bhasin, announcing ‘Aa Hai Tera Dost’ (see promo).

She also talked about the relationship of Ellie Gony and Jasmine Bhasin, which raised the point of Ellie’s return to the game. “If they have decided to come out, talk about it and want to take it forward. It’s their choice. It’s a serious matter. I’m glad they’re taking it seriously and they’ve talked about it. I have decided to talk when they come out. ” Home, “she concluded.

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