Dhamaka: Did you know that Karthik Aryan’s role as a journalist was not initially with Kriti Sanon and her?


The entertainment industry is what we can call ‘a small world’. Often, there are reports about how an actor or actress disapproved of a certain role and it is a blessing or a great regret in disguise. While in this case, it is too early to comment, it is revealed that Karthik Aryan’s role in the blast was earlier decided as an avid journalist with Kriti Sanon. However, that plan broke down and a new director and a new actor came on-board – Karthik Aryan. Explosion: Karthik Aryan made a big announcement on his birthday, sharing his first look with Ram Madhwani’s Next.

As reported in ETimesThe film was originally planned with Kriti and the magazine was helmed by Rahul Dholakia for the film Azure Productions. However, Kriti walked out of the film, which led to Rahul getting busy with other projects and production houses and selling the rights to Ram Madhvani, who went into the hands of Karthik Aryan and sold the film to RSVP Movies. Explosion New Still: Karthik Aryan’s blood-stained look Arjun Pathak out!

Gaurav Bose, senior producer of Azure, told the portal, “Kriti left the bus without giving any worthy details. I mean, she didn’t give us any concrete reason. Dholakia got busy with other projects and right after, we Ram Ramwani Were talking to and things fell into place. The place- and Ram cast Karthik in the role of a hero. We sold the rights to Ram. This is how Ram is now producing the film and he sold it to RSVP films. Gone are those who support it. “

Well, now it is quite a plot turner. Nevertheless, the portal tried to reach Kriti, but she did not return when the story was filmed. Dhamaka will never be seen as a serious journalist Arjan Pathak in the role of Karthik Aryan. It is a remake of a South Korean film The Terror Live. The film is all set for release in 2021.

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