Congress passed legislation to create National Latino Museum

Congress approved legislation on Monday to establish a National Latino Museum as part of a $ 900 billion Kovid-19 relief spending bill that President Donald Trump is likely to sign.

“We’ve overcome tremendous odds and incredible odds to get to this historic moment, but as I’ve said before, Latino’s are used to overcoming obstacles,” Sen. Bob Menendez, DNJ, who bipartisan. Co-sponsored the law. Sen. John Cornyn, with R-Texas to build the National Museum of American Latino.

“Latinos have contributed significantly to the success of the United States by defeating systemic discrimination,” Rapid Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. “Now, our stories will feature a new home with a Latino museum. National Mall.”

With approval from the House and Senate, the spending bill now goes to Trump, who would have to veto the bill – including epidemic relief for many areas of the public and avoid a government shutdown – preventing the museum’s installation.

Menendez said, “As a first-generation Cuban American, I know what it is to feel invisible in a nation where Latino is rarely celebrated.” “I am very proud of my role in getting this law to the finish line and cannot wait until the day when I can visit my granddaughters in our nation’s capital to see the American Latin Museum.”

The US is home to about 60 million Latino, which is 18.5 percent of the US population. They are the second largest ethnic minority group in the country. The 1994 Smithsonian Report found a pattern of “willful neglect” about the history of American Latino and their contributions.

Lawmakers added Sen. Mike Bill, R-Utah, to the spending bill after the National Museum of American Latino Act blocked a scheduled sound vote at the museum and on a bill to establish a women’s history museum. Lee said of the Latino Museum that the nation was “building an array of separate but similar museums for different social groups.”

Supporters have spent decades trying to gain congressional approval for the Latino Museum.

“Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y., said that today’s passage of the Latino Museum Act is a long win for all Americans, which my friend and fellow New Yorker Congressman Jose Serrano started 20 years ago. . ” in a statement.

Serrano, DN.Y., who has served in Congress since 1990, announced last year that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and would not seek re-election. CHC President Castro said the law was a “testament” to Serrano’s efforts after 46 years in public service.

The National American Museum of African American History and Culture, established in 2003, was the last Smithsonian museum approved by Congress. The National Museum of the American Indian was established in 1989.

The museum’s bill’s co-sponsor, Tony Cardenas, D-California, said the law would establish trustees to help build the Smithsonian Museum, and would also authorize a 50 percent federal match privately raised. Dollars for design and construction costs. “We need a Latin museum not only for its symbolic importance, but more importantly, for its educational purpose,” said Kardendas.

The bill includes language agreed not to depict a single political ideology in exhibits and artifacts to reflect the diversity of the Latino experience.

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