Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh in conversation with Makers to enter reality show! Will he prove his presence in the end?

The one and only Rakhi Sawant slammed the fraternity when she announced that she was married to an NRI businessman ie Ritesh. Even if the item girl has time and is told again that she is not alone anymore and married, there is no proof Husband’s Existence. Rakhi has not even released half her pictures to the world so far. With this, many people have claimed that this is only Sawant’s way of staying in the news. All that being said, looks like Bigg Boss 14 Ghar is going to do a big revelation and finally we will see who is the man of Rakhi. Bigg Boss 14: Sonali Phogat, BJP politician and actress, to enter Salman Khan’s reality show (see video) as a wild card contestant.

In an exclusive interview with Ritesh Pinkvilla Has confirmed that it is in talks with the makers to be a part of the reality show. “I know that many people did not believe Rakhi because of her past experiences. She had once tried to get married and I was trying to marry baar bhi sher aaya wali baat ho gayi. But I can tell you that we are definitely a married couple. I am ready to face everyone now. I’m already in touch Big Boss Manufacturers and channels. We are discussing the possibility of my entry inside the house, ”he said. Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh blasts Nikki Tamboli-Manu Punjabi for talking about his wife’s career and stature.

He continued, “If I go, I want to support Rakhi and tell the world that she does not lie about our marriage. I want to be known as a contestant because the producer is again the new wild Starting card entry. ” Well, this update is definitely exciting. Bigg Boss 14 Weekend’s War 20 December Episode: Rubina Dilac calls Jasmine Bhasin a witch; Kashmera Shah evicted – 6 highlights from BB14!

Before, before entering Bb 14, Rakhi talked about the chaos of her marriage and told the portal, “Everything will come out in due time. I will speak about the inside of the house. I feel like a married woman. My life should be a joke Gone because my husband doesn’t. ” t want to come in front of people. ” stay tuned!

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