Biden to comment before Christmas, ask the press

WASHINGTON – President-elect Joe Biden will comment Tuesday before the Christmas holiday and is expected to raise questions from reporters.

Biden is scheduled to host the event around 2:30 ET. The last time Biden asked the press questions in a formal setting. 4. He will also receive daily intelligence of the President and meet with the transition advisors.

In other transition news:

  • President Donald Trump has no public program. Vice President Mike Pence will travel to West Palm Beach, Florida, and comment on the Student Action Summit at Turning Point USA.
  • Congress passed an approximately $ 900 billion Kovid-19 relief package and government funding measure Monday evening, including direct payments of up to $ 600 to a person based on income and an additional $ 300 for unemployment insurance a week. Trump is expected to sign the law in the coming days.
  • Ray Jody Haise, R-Ga. Tweeted that he attended a meeting with Trump, Pence, the president’s legal team and other members of Congress at the White House on Monday. He said he would “lead an objection to Georgia voters on January 6,” which is when Congress will count the electoral votes provided to Biden and Harris.
  • Federal prosecutors have discussed making a legal request for Rudy Giuliani’s electronic communication, NBC News reported on Monday evening, a sign that the investigation into Trump’s personal attorneys is active and may soon intensify.

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