As Trump meets with QAnon-affected, followers of conspiracy theory beg for dictatorship

On Friday, President Donald Trump met with current and former advisers in the Oval Office, including retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, and a person familiar with the meeting said Flynn advocated an extreme way to reverse the November election, Marshall. Law announced.

The idea is probably confined to Fern, with Trump disgracing the former national security adviser. It has also been adopted by the QAnon movement and some members of the Republican Party.

With Trump’s days in office shrinking, QAnon’s influencers have become increasingly restless and militant, urging the president to “#crosstherubicon,” when the Roman Senate explicitly told him not to kick-start Later referencing Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon River. Roman Civil War and Caesar’s dictatorship.

On Sunday, Arizona Republican Party President Kelly Ward tweeted the hashtag.

“Mr. President @realDonaldTrump – We are with you in #Arizona. We are doing everything we can to stop this coup and stop our Republic from the pipeline,” he tweeted. “Patriots are united. Those who are against us are exposing themselves. #Liberty & #freedom on the line. #CrossTheRubicon @GenFlynn.”

Like Tweeted on sunday The report of a discussion around martial law was “intentionally bad reporting”.

“Martial law = fake news,” he wrote.

But this has not dampened enthusiasm for military rule from the QAnon community, which sees hope in the fact that some of their central influencers are close to Trump.

Sidney Powell, a lawyer who has filed a series of multiple lawsuits that he dubbed “The Kraken”, who has failed to reverse the election results in several states, was part of the meeting. He has repeatedly pushed QAnon doctrines, and has used the #TheStormIsComing hashtag, a QAnon phrase that refers to the Democrats’ extraordinary phase at the center of the doctrine.

A hero in the legend of Kayanat’s conspiracy theory, Udantashtari, who was once sworn in by law on video, has publicly stated in a statement appearing on conservative media channel Newsmax that the president must “reevaluate” the election Should use the army.

The “Rubicon” hashtag was not new to followers of QAnon, who have tweeted repeatedly over the past week. But the hashtag had minimal success last week until Ron Watkins, formerly running the message board and Qon Hub 8kun, posted a series of viral tweets Thursday and Friday about Caesar and surpassed the Rubicon.

“Will @realDonaldTrump #CrossTheRubiconThe Spread the hashtag and show Potas how you feel about it, ā€¯Watkins wrote. The tweet received over 27,000 retweets.

QAnon’s followers believe that the Democratic Party is devilish, child-eating cannibals, and Trump is secretly waging war against him. Followers follow an anonymous poster “Q” from extremist site 8kun, which has posted predictions from 2017 that have repeatedly failed to materialize. The Q account, which typically posts several times per week, has been largely inactive since Election Day.

Watkins claims to have left 8kun on Election Day, and since then he has appeared several times as an expert on the right-wing cable channel OAN to suppress false conspiracies about Dominion voting system machines, though he has to do with voting machines. There is no experience.

Representative for R-Wayne, who repealed the co-sponsored legislation condemning QAnon passed in the House in October, Denver Riggleman said he worried that QAnon’s biggest influencers such as Watkins and Flynn were “an alternative power structure.” That will force people. Left-right boundaries of dangerous and imaginary belief systems. “

He said, “It has turned into a sect based on some ardent kind of religious zeal.”

Mike Rothschild, author of an upcoming book about the origins of QAnon and the real world, said the phrase “rubicon” and the sentiment “really” took off “after Watkins’ tweet, helping the hashtag reach the Qinon ecosystem Including those close to the President.

Watkins, who can control positions as cue, has become the primary source of information for cue account followers as the cue account has moved away. He said he did not post as Q, and does not know who runs the account.

Some QAnon followers believe Trump has no choice, but to declare martial law, a belief based on a series of wildly false news articles that claimed Trump to be a secret, ongoing land war There are parts of the US along with China.

A series of fake news articles, YouTube videos, and tweets that went viral among QAnon acolytes last week convinced followers that Trump was conducting covert military operations on US soil.

Rumors that surfaced on the website of conspiracy theorist radio host Hal Turner claimed that China was quietly sending tanks from Canada to Canada. The earthquake is said to be a rumor as a result of an airstrike by the Trump administration, following a small tremor of the earthquake in early December.

The National Guard of Maine said there was no such fight.

“The Maine National Guard has no knowledge of any such troop or military action, and is undoubtedly exposed through military or emergency management channels if such a significant incident were to occur in the state of Maine,” Major Carl J. Said Lamb, a public affairs officer for the Maine National Guard. “In addition to maintaining a constantly evolving force, our focus is currently assisting our fellow citizens by responding to requests from the Maine Emergency Management Agency and the Maine CDC in response to COVID-19.”

Another rumor that debuted on Turner’s site last week went viral among QAnon’s followers, trending on Twitter, and is being repeated at a Texas voters meeting before they vote for president. The conspiracy theory claims that Chief Justice John Roberts held a secret, closed-door meeting, yelling at fellow judges, in an attempt to deny taking electoral fraud cases to the Supreme Court.

In fact, the Supreme Court has not met the person since the onset of the Kovid-19 epidemic. Turner did not respond to a request for comment on its website’s false stories.

Rothschild said he has been concerned over the past week in the QAnon community with a mix of persistent despair, perceived injustice and increasingly violent rhetoric.

“These people have worked themselves into such a frenzied state, thinking that Trump has won in a landslide and that the truth will be revealed at any moment,” he said. “When (President-elect Joe) Biden is sworn in, when neither of them is told about the miracle that it is actually going to happen, it will be a life-shattering event.”

Riggleman, who lost his GOP primary in June and will be replaced in Congress by Republican Bob Good in January, has turned into a fierce critic of QAnon and its grip on his party.

“I am losing friends and family based on anti-Semitic, fantasy and simply bizarre makeup trips,” she said. “It is an idiocy based on a digital prophet.”

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