Alex Padilla to fill Kamal Harris Senate seat, first Latino to represent the state

Washington – California government Gavin Newsome announced on Tuesday that he had elected California Secretary of State Alex Padilla to fill the Senate seat being vacated by Kamala Harris, who will be sworn in as vice-president next month.

Padila will be the first Latin senator to represent the state.

“Through his tenacity, integrity, smart and patience, California is getting a trial fighter in its corner who will be an avid ally in DC, raising our state’s values ​​and ensuring that we emerge strong from this epidemic Save important resources. He will be a senator for all California residents, “Newsom announced the appointment in a statement.

Newsom said that Padilla, a Democrat, worked from a “humble beginning” with parents living in the halls of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Los Angeles City Council and the State Senate.

“Now, he will serve as the next United States Senator of California in the halls of our nation’s capitol, the first Latina to hold this office,” Newsom said.

The 47-year-old Padila said in a statement that he is “honored and humbled” by Newsom’s decision.

He said, “Those who are struggling, meet small businesses fighting to keep their doors open to health workers seeking relief, please know that I’m going to fight for you in the Senate.” They said. “We will get together through this epidemic and build our economy in a way that does not leave working families behind.”

Padilla has served as California’s Secretary of State since 2015. He was considered by many Democrats in the state to be a shoe-in for the job, noting that he and Newsome have known each other for decades.

Sen. Dinestine, D-California, the state’s senior senator, also said publicly earlier this month that he wanted the governor to elect Padilla.

Feinstein said in Capitol Hill, “I know him. And I think he’s going to represent California. And he’s someone I’d be very happy to work with and also get Hispanic representation in the Senate for the first time.” early December.

Padilla may hold the seat until Harris’ term ends in 2022.

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