Winter Solstice Great Conjunction 2020 Live Streaming: Jupiter and Saturn Will Look Like Christmas Star Tonight, Watch Live Here

Winter Solstice Great Conjunction 2020 Live Streaming: Jupiter and Saturn Will Look Like Christmas Star Tonight, Watch Live Here

Great Construction, (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

This year’s two-planet Winter Solstice astronomical event will bring a rare sight for us tonight. In this rare astronomical event, Saturn and Jupiter, the two largest planets in our solar system, will appear very close to each other in the night sky like a bright star on the night of December 21 by an astronomical event called “Great Conjunction”. . This is a rare coincidence due to the proximity of the two planets, a once in a lifetime event. The two planets have never been so close since 1623. If you are wondering how to watch it, the best scene would be live streaming. Because it is a very rare event, many space channels including NASA are doing live streaming of this astronomical event. We will give information about when and how to see this astronomical event in India.

In fact Jupiter and Saturn will be 400 million miles away from each other. Although they will appear very close to each other from the earth. These will form a bright point of light in the night sky, which will be visible from the earth. It is called the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ or ‘Christmas’ Star, which is mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew in the Bible. NASA has named it the connection between Jupiter and Saturn as ‘the Great Conjuction’. Also read: Happy Winter Solstice 2020: Twitter users shared this image on the winter solstice of two planets

Great Consumption Time:

The Great Conjunction will appear one hour after sunset in the southwest sky. Both planets will shine as bright stars and are easily visible to the naked eye. In India, this astronomical event can be seen tonight between about 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm. Saturn will appear slightly to the left of Jupiter and the planets will eventually change positions in the night sky.

Live streaming of Jupiter and Saturn’s Great Conjunction in India:

NASA will host live streaming of Great Conjunction tonight. They have been organizing a live session for three days and are explaining this event in great detail.

Watch NASA live video link here:

Several other channels are also live streaming this rare phenomenon. The Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium in Bengaluru has arranged to see this celestial conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn on Monday. He has also shared a live page on his Facebook page.

Winter Solstice of two planets live:

To see this phenomenon with the naked eye, NASA recommends choosing a place where you will get an unobstructed view of the sky. You can use the sky map apps to find the position of the planets and see them at night. Both planets are so bright, they can be seen from anywhere. Do not forget to see this rare celestial event, because it will happen in 2080 next time.

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