To receive the Biden Kovid-19 vaccine, Harris campaigned in Georgia

WASHINGTON – President Elect Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden are scheduled to receive the Kovid-19 vaccine in Willington, Delaware on Monday and will be recorded on live video.

Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris and her husband, Doug Amhoff, are expected to receive the vaccine next week.

The Biden Transition Team told reporters during Friday’s briefing call that their vaccinations were “in line with safety and medical protocols” and that it was recommended by medical and health experts. To argue for that recommendation, incoming press secretary Jane Saki refused to go into further detail.

Harris will travel to Columbus, Georgia, to campaign with Senate Democratic candidates John Osoff and Rafael Warnock ahead of elections on January 5.

In other transition news:

  • President Donald Trump has no public program. Vice President Pence is scheduled to lead a teleconference with the Vice Chancellors and Presidents of Higher Education and will later chair a coronavirus task force meeting on Monday afternoon.
  • Congress reached a compromise on the nearly $ 900 billion Kovid-19 relief package Sunday evening, which includes direct payments of up to $ 600 based on income and an additional $ 300 for unemployment insurance a week. Lawmakers are expected to vote on the legislation on Monday.
  • Biden hopes his pick, Susan Rice, to lead the Domestic Policy Council, will lead to a low-profile White House group.
  • The fate of the 2020 US Census is up in the air as the deadline is set to finalize the counting approach and experts are skeptical that the government can produce the country’s exact numbers under such tight constraints.

Ali Vitali has contributed.

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