Shia LaBeouf busy with PDA with FKA twigs abuse claims with Margaret Qualley

Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf was spotted getting comfortable over the weekend with Margaret Qualley at LAX. The news of their alleged romance came a week after the FKA Tiggs filed a lawsuit against the actor. According to e! News, the ‘Transformers’ actor was spotted making out and collaborating with Margaret Qualley over the weekend. After the reunion at Los Angeles Airport, the two were captured by packaged photographers in a PDA session. In one of the images that were captured, Margaret can be seen wrapping her legs around Shia as they kissed passionately. Sia claimed that Shia LaBeouf sued her over an abusive relationship after FKA tiges.

Although the couple is believed to have yet to make any comments about their relationship status, it is speculated that Margaret and Shia are dating according to E! news. Two months ago the pair featured in an NSFW music video. Back in October, the pair appeared in the music video “Love Me Like You Hate Me”, a song released by Margaret’s sister, Renee Qualley, whose stage name is Rainsford. In a lawsuit filed on December 10 in Los Angeles Superior Court, his ex-girlfriend FKA Tiggs accused him of “relentless misconduct” after which Shia’s new romance comes just a week later. According to the lawsuit obtained by E! News, the singer first met Shia in 2018 when she was cast in the film Honey Boy. The FKA twigs alleged that their relationship began after the film was over. Shia LaBeouf adopts her full tattoo for Real for Tax Collector, confirmed by director David Eyre

The FKA twigs, whose real name is Tahlia Debrett Barnett, claimed that the opening days of their romance were filled with “over-the-top displays of affection”, however, the Shi’ites later became abusive and caused emotional distress for them. According to the lawsuit, he accused the actor of establishing rules about how many times a day he had to kiss and touch her. According to e! News, Shia released a statement via email to The New York Times, in which he announced that he was part of the 12-step program and focused on his restraint. He told the publication “Although many of these allegations are not true. I am not in a position to defend any of my actions.”

Shia LaBeouf engages in PDA with Margate Qualley:

“I give these women the opportunity to publicly air their statements and accept accountability for the things I’ve done. As someone in recovery, I have to face almost daily reminders of the things that happen I said that and while I was drinking, I should. ” He closed by saying, “I am not well with my PTSD and alcoholism, but I am committed to doing what I need to do to heal, and I will always apologize to people that I am on the way. Damage may occur. “

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