Pennsylvania student said she suffered heart failure at age 20 after a mild case of Kovid

A student at Temple University says she experienced a life-threatening illness a week after recovering from a mild case of Kovid-19.

In a Facebook post from December 8, Maddy Neville writes that he returned to his family home for Thanksgiving holiday in late October after being diagnosed with Kovid-19.

“I was feeling completely normal and was able to put my COVID experience behind me,” Neville wrote. “After all, I am a twenty-year-old girl in good health. I am the largest segment of the population that is considered the best in handling COVID.”

Neville, who lives in Philadelphia and is just 21 years old, said he tested negative before returning home. But soon after, she succumbed to a second wave of symptoms.

That’s right, you heard me correctly, I was at the age of 20 in a congestive heart failure. I will say this once more for effect: Congestive heart failure, age 20.

“I felt a blemish of such intense chest pain, shortness of breath and other terrible symptoms, which suddenly and utterly came as a surprise,” she wrote.

In her post, Neville stated that she was eventually admitted to a Philadelphia hospital, where she was diagnosed with heart failure.

“I have been hospitalized for the past nine days, where I struggled to do the most difficult tasks everyday, even going to the bathroom and bathing myself, washing my teeth and hair, or even walking 10 steps”.

In an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Neville stated that the diagnosis the doctors received was myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle that is associated with Kovid-19.

Recently, doctors have questioned whether athletes should undergo additional screening before returning to gameplay after recovering from the disease due to the risk of myocarditis.

Neville did not immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment.

She wrote that she hopes her story can serve as a “reality check” for some of her peers who are “given for their health.”

“I know I did,” Neville wrote. “I was confident that my youth and health would allow me to make it through any run, in which I was relatively dissatisfied with the virus.”

“However, as someone who is at the end of it, I wish I had chosen the inconvenience over endangering my health. I wish I had done this before contracting COVID to save myself, my family, Be more careful in social interactions. My friends have the pain of uncertainty about this disease or not it will kill me. “

Neville wrote, “This has been my reality this week, and you can be sure that I just can’t take care of which restaurants are open. I’m just thankful to be at home with my family.”

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