Malayalam actress who was in Kochi Mall, accused apologized

Kochi (Kerala) [India], 21 December (ANI): The Malayalam actor, who was molested at a shopping mall in Kochi here last week, said in an Instagram story that he accepted the person (the accused) for forgiveness. The Kalmasari police took both the accused Ramshad and Adil into custody after they took the Malappuram resident into custody. Police said that his arrest will be registered on Monday. Malayalam actress tells about sexual harassment at Kochi Mall, says ‘Being Women is Been Firing’.

“In the light of the incident at Lulu (shopping mall), I acknowledge and accept the will of the person to apologize. I would like to thank the police and the media who took action with immediate effect. I am I want to thank family, friends, and all the people who reached out to me with words of support for me. Your words gave me and my family strength through this and I am acknowledging that two other families are tough. Time is passing. Well. To all those who shared their personal experiences with me, I sympathize with you and I hope you find strength, “read her Instagram story. The Kerala Police released photographs of the youth attacking the mall in the mall, an official complaint was still lodged.

The Kerala Women’s Commission on Friday took cognizance of the alleged stalking and harassment of the Malayalam actor by two men at a shopping mall in Kochi. He gave the information of the incident on Instagram.

State Women’s Commission chairperson MC Josephine said in a statement, the incident of insulting the actor in a Kochi mall was scandalous.

The statement said, “The Women’s Commission filed a case in the incident. The commission will take evidence from the actress about yesterday’s incident. The chairperson of the commission, MC Josephine, and lawyer Shivaji Shivaji will take the evidence.”

The police have also taken up the matter and are collecting evidence from the mall. In a detailed note on Instagram, the actor said that two men walked close to him, and one of them “not accidentally” grazed his hands on his back. She said that when she noted that it was not accidental, she could not immediately react.

“I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but you know that when something isn’t right, you feel it. I was trying to do this process for a minute. It was empty. Looked very clearly because she wasn’t standing so far. He came up to me and asked if I was alright. I was clearly not. The fact that he looked intentional also made it clear to him that I wasn’t imagining it Was doing. I was empty for a minute trying to process it, “the actor wrote. On her Instagram stories.

He said that two people followed him to the vegetable counter in the mall. “These people came to us again and this time the man had the audacity to talk to me and my sister. He was trying to speak in a certain way. He wanted to know the names of the films I have been a part of. Asked the cold shoulder and the boy to take care of his own business and leave. When my mother moved to us they left, “she explained.

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