Kilauea volcano erupts in Hawaii, residents asked to stay indoors

Residents of Big Island Hawaii were asked to stay indoors after the Kilaue volcano erupted in an eruption on Sunday evening that sent a pile of ash into the sky.

The US Geological Survey said the eruption occurred in the Hellemauma crater after a series of weak earthquakes. The agency said a 4.4 magnitude earthquake occurred soon after the explosion.

The agency said significant damage to buildings or structures was not expected.

As of Tuesday morning, the USGS said that all the lava was contained in the pit, and no injuries or deaths have been reported.

The National Weather Service in Hawaii issued a possible warning, asking residents to stay indoors to avoid potential ash exposure. According to the agency, there was an explosion just around the pit with a “low-level steam cloud laning”.

The explosion in May 2018 devastated Kilaue and destroyed hundreds of homes and forced thousands to flee.

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