Explosion new still: Karthik Aryan’s blood as Arjun Pathak out!

Karthik Aryan will break a little lill from the comic route as he plays in the thriller, Dhamaka. He has started shooting for a film with long hair looking handsome. Today, a new still from the movie was launched on webspace and it will intrigue the actor’s fans. Karthik Aryan is set to play the role of a journalist in the blast. Directed by Ram Madhwani, the lead actor will appear covering a terrorist attack. The film is the official remake of the 2013 South Korean film The Terror Live. Today, Karthik’s character is known as Arjun Pathak, and well, mythology may have something to do with character development. Karthik Aryan started shooting for the blast! The actor posted a picture of his already worried mother.

In the original film, a notorious magazine tries to thwart a terrorist attack to benefit his career and earn profits for his news channel. But of course, he learns that he has no control over the situation and his morality also comes into question. The film will be a commentary on how the news exploits terrorism for profit. Karthik Aryan’s lookalike was seen again, this time in Bandra; We wonder what the actor is?

There have been rumors that Mrinal Thakur will appear as the leading lady. However, an official word is awaited on him.

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Karthik’s future is bright. He has also shot for the horror-comedy Bhool Bhulaiya 2 with the character Advani. The actor will also appear in Dharma Production’s comedy film Dostana 2 alongside Janhvi Kapoor. However, the film was stalled and it is unclear how far it has gone. The actor has said that the film will talk about sexuality as before in main Indian cinema and will also push the envelope for him as an artist.

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