Bigg Boss 14 December 21 Episode: Rubina Dilaiq turns down Rahul Vaidya’s claim to be official; Vikas Gupta came back – 6 highlights of BB 14

Controversial reality show Bigg Boss 14 These days it is becoming quite entertaining. Last night Weekend bridesmaid It was seen that Kashmirira Shah was evicted and the episode tonight (December 21) was about the nomination work. At the same time, Rahul Vaidya targeted Rubina Dilaiq, Abhinav Shukla and also nominated Vikas Gupta to re-enter the show after his overthrow, it was an exciting Monday. This is not the case, as, after the nomination, a major argument also breaks out between Dyalik and Vaidya where the latter tag the former ‘official’. Understand you forgot to see Big BossSee highlights below. Bigg Boss 14 Weekend’s War 20 December Episode: Rubina Dilac calls Jasmine Bhasin a witch; Kashmera Shah evicted – 6 highlights from BB14!

Nikki Tamboli and Rahul Vaidya Talk

Nikki Tamboli approaches Rahul Vaidya and tells him that it has been almost a week since she re-entered the show but did not come even once and sat with him. She also says that it is a completely different scene if Disha Parmar asks her not to talk. To do all this, Rahul replies that he makes his decision and his fiance Never told him anything like that. In the meantime, Nikki wipes tears.

Captain Rubina Dilac nominated Ejaz Khan

Rubina Dilayik is the new captain of the house, Big Boss Gives him the power to nominate a prisoner who will be on direct nomination this week. Without thinking too much, Rubina chooses Ejaz Khan and reasons that her passion has turned into a passion and she does not deserve to be on the show. Bigg Boss 14 preview: Rahul Vaidya tags Rubina Dilac as official; Vikas Gupta Re-Enters (see video).

The nomination result is…

Next, we see the rest of the prisoners nominating each other. This time the task is such that each contestant has to target, shoot and nominate two housewives. Task begins – Rahul Vaidya names Rubina-Abhinav Shukla, Jasmine Bhasin Vaidya-Manu takes Punjabi’s name to Arshi Khan and Abhinav-Rahul targets Mahajan and the task goes on. In the end, the end result is – Ejaz Khan, Rahul Mahajan, Abhinav Shukla, Manu Punjabi.

Watch the video:

Rahul Vaidya vs Rubina Dilac

Rahul Vaidya nominated Rubina while making her argument and said that she thinks she is authoritative and rude. After that, the conversation goes to the living room where Rubina makes it clear to Rahul that she is not official. Rahul says, “Your logo is in practice, ” And that needs to change. To which, she replies, “My badlungi. “Apart from this, we also see Abhinav Shukla supporting his wife. Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh blasts Nikki Tamboli-Manu Punjabi for talking about his wife’s career and stature.

Manu exits Punjabi show

Manu drops out of a Punjabi reality show after facing health issues. Big Boss Makes an official announcement about the same and adds that as he is leaving, he is no more nominated. So, now it is Ejaz Khan, Rahul Mahajan, Abhinav Shukla who are three for nominations this week.

Vikas Gupta Re-Eners

Mastermind Vikas Gupta returns to the show after being fired after pushing Arshi Khan into the pool. Rubina Dilaiq looks happiest. The moment Vikas enters, Arshi asks her if she needs tea, which she answers with no. We see Gupta already making his pact, which makes Arshi feel insecure.

This is it, friends! These were the most happening incidents from the episode of Bigg Boss 14. Also, according to the former, Vikas will be seen fighting to become the next captain of the Fuse, while the housemates do not want to. stay tuned!

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