Hina Khan tells about her acting journey, remembers parents going to Mumbai


Hina Khan resorted to television and left TV to make her place in films. The actress was a popular face What is this relationship called And hit shows like Naagin Too. He focused his attention on films and his first film Lines premiered at Cannes 2019. The actress also participated in OTT shows and was part of the show like Damaged. Hina is sure to come a long way and thinking about her journey so far has become an emotional roller coaster for her. 2 actress Hina Khan of Kasauti Zindagi is looking attractive in this latest selfie – see photo.

Talking to an Instagram team called Instagram Human of Bombay, Hina sat down and reminisced about her journey and recalled the obstacles she had to overcome to reach this milestone in her career. Talking about how she belongs to a conservative family, the hacked actress revealed that her conservative Kashmiri family considered acting taboo. Even going to Delhi for college was a big task for her as she had to persuade her father to let her go. It was during college that his passion for acting took birth. “So, when a friend suggested auditioning for a serial, I said no. On the insistence, I gave it one and the casting directors loved me! The next day, I was selected for the lead role!

I moved to Bombay at the age of 20 without telling my parents. The production people helped me find the place. It took me weeks to tell Papa. He was languishing. Mother’s friends and relatives cut ties with us, ”revealed Hina.

She further revealed that her father only agreed to let her act if she promised to finish her studies. “I would shoot all night, study in breaks, then go to Delhi to give my exams. The tension of the family was constantly increasing. I told Mom not to bother, but it was not easy. We will argue a lot . But every year, I had a serial number 1 show that I fell in love with on camera. ” Jennifer Winget, Nakula Mehta, Hina Khan – A Look at the TV Newsmakers of the Week.

Hina attributes her increased popularity to Bigg Boss. She revealed that she had a policy of ‘no shortage, no steamy scenes’ but over time she decided to make up her own rules and only did such scenes after asking her parents if they would Are fine ” And just when my parents used it. Being an actor, I told him that I was watching Rocky. It came as a shock that everyone in our family arranged marriages. But I gave them time and now, they love me more than them, ”said Hina.

She wanted to talk about taking risks at this point of her career and also moved to films and OTT platforms. “Subsequently, TV offers were introduced, but I took a risk and left TV to do films. I was thrilled when I made my Cannes film festival debut last year. I got to represent India abroad. Feeling very proud. The whole film and TV industry by the way. Supported me, humbled me. “

Hina concluded, “It’s been 11 years since I first encountered the camera – a little girl growing up in Srinagar would never have imagined walking to Cannes. But a series of difficult choices led me here Is. From Srinagar to Bombay, being the first. Actors in my family are dating someone from the community to give me easy money at my peak, I have proudly made my own way. “Hina will now be seen in MX Player Wish list, A film she is also producing with Rocky.

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