Six years after the series finale, the True Blood reboot in the works at HBO


The classic True Blood is set to receive a reboot, and the project is already in development stages. Roberto Aguirre-Sakasa and Yami O’Brien will pen the script and executive production for HBO. Alan Ball, the producer and sharpener of the original series, will also give executive reports. So far, none of the show’s original cast have been confirmed to return to the reboot. Head of class reboot: Isabella Gomez lead for comedy pilot of HBO Max

The show is based on Charlene Harris’s “The Southern Vampire Mystery” novel series. It debuted on HBO in 2008 and ran for seven seasons until 2014. Ball was featured on five of the seven seasons. The series took place in a world where vampires live among humans, creating a synthetic blood substitute that allowed vampires to fend off predators for food. It was influenced by a lot of fictional elements, including werewolves and witches. Darkwing Duck reboot at Disney Plus in the works; Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg to Serve as Executive Producer

The original show starred Ana Paquin, Alexander Skarsgard, Joe Manganiello, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Quenten and Rutina Wesley. Aguirre-Sacasa is best known for developing “Riverdale” for television. Her other credits include “Chilling Adventure of Sabrina”, “Katie Cane” “Supergirl” and “Glee”. He is also currently working on the supernatural drama “The Shelley Society”.

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