Investigations launched after the death of Vanessa Guillen found an ‘environment allowing for sexual harassment’ in Fort Hood


An independent review found that the Command Climate at Fort Hood military base in Texas created a “permissible environment for sexual harassment and sexual harassment,” according to a report released on Tuesday.

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said on Tuesday that 14 leaders of Fort Hood have been suspended or relieved of their posts.

The report comes after the army was reported missing and killed. Vanessa Guillen earlier this year.

McCleary appointed a five-member civic panel in July to conduct an independent review into Fort Hood’s Command Climate and Culture following Guillen’s disappearance. Guillen’s family said he had told relatives and colleagues in Fort Hood that he had been sexually assaulted on the grounds.

While officials at the time said they had no credible information or reports that Guillen was sexually assaulted, the allegations led many service members to share their experiences with sexual harassment and harassment on social media using the hashtag #IAmanessaGuillen Inspired for.

The independent review panel also found that the Army’s Sexual Assault and Assault Response and Prevention Program (RATCHET) did not achieve its mandate due to structural failures due to sexual failures and harassment, as well as a command climate that would lead to the program’s core Failed to meet values. The brigade level, according to the report, is reducing confidence in the program later.

According to McCarthy, Fort Hood has the highest rate of murder, sexual assault and harassment in the military. A Department of Defense report in 2018 found that sexual assaults in the military had increased over the past two years.

20-year-old Guillen was last seen alive in Fort Hood on April 22. His remains were found near the base two months later. When the police moved to arrest Spc. Authorities said Aaron Robinson, 20, in connection with his disappearance and death, shot himself and committed suicide. Shortly afterwards, the woman, identified as 22-year-old Robinson’s girlfriend, Cecily Aguilar, was arrested on a federal charge of tampering with evidence, alleging that Robinson had helped remove Guillen’s body. Aguilar, who pleaded not guilty, is due to be in court on 19 January.

As part of the command climate, the operational issues of the Crime and Criminal Investigation Division (CID) were also examined by an independent review panel. CID handled Guillen’s case after being reported missing.

The panel found that the CID and the Emergency Services Directorate contributed “very little analysis, response and general situational awareness to the command” to fulfill its mandate to help reduce crime on military bases.

The report noted, “The deficient climate also extended into missing troop scenarios where no one recognized the lack of accountability procedures and the lack of capacity of non-commissioned officers (NCOs) to take care of their subordinates. “


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