Football players walk out of matches in Paris, accusing Referee of making racist remarks


Players took off from the pitch during a Champions League game on Tuesday after allegedly making racist remarks by a referee in Paris.

The tournament game between Paris Saint-Greiman and Istanbul Basakeshir was underway at the Paras des Princes Stadium, when a fourth official allegedly made racist remarks about Pierre Weibo, Basakeshir’s assistant coach. After confronting the officer, Weibo was sent off the pitch.

Team striker Demba Ba was caught on camera challenging the referee as to why he made the alleged remarks.

In the video of the incident, Ba said, “You never say this white man, you say this man.” “So why when you – listen to me – when you mention a black man you say ‘this black man’?”

According to the UEFA Champions League website, the fourth official of Tuesday’s match was identified as Romanian referee Sebastian Colesu. In the video, a person was heard saying that a Romanian translation of a word for a black person seemed to be a problem according to the video.

The match was suspended after 23 minutes of play after members of both teams walked off the field. The Twitter account of the Istanbul Basasir team posted an image of the aftermath of the incident, which read, “No Two Racism. Respect.”

The team later tweeted, “In the Paris St Germain match, our footballers decided not to take to the field due to racism, which was done by 4th referee Sebastian Koltescu against our assistant coach Pierre Weibo.”

UEFA released a statement on Wednesday about the suspension of the match on its website, announcing kickoff time. The Football Association said an investigation into the allegations has been started.

Following an incident in tonight’s UEFA Champions League match between Paris Saint-Germain FC and Istanbul Basasir FK, UEFA have decided on an exceptional basis for the remaining minutes of the match – played after discussions with both clubs The match is with the new team, officials said, “the statement said.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdoआनan condemned the remarks against Vedo in a statement published by Turkish state media outlet Anadolu Agency.

Erdoआनan’s statement stated that Turkey is “against racism, discrimination in sports, unconditional in all walks of life.”

Racism and bigotry in football have long plagued leagues, but have been under global scrutiny in recent years. Last year, a match between England’s win against Bulgaria was carried out by a group of Bulgaria supporters, who were engaged in monkey chants against defender Tiron Mings and saluted the Nazi.

Bulgarian football chief Borislav Mihailov resigned and the national team was fined after the incident.

In October, San Diego Loyal players walked off a pitch against Phoenix Rising during a USL football match, after which Rising player Junior Flemings allegedly directed a homophobic slur against Loyal’s Colin Martin, who is openly gay . Fleming denied the charge in a statement on his Twitter account.

Landon Donovan, a former US national men’s football team player and Loyal’s manager, debated on the field after the incident with a referee and coach of Rice Shantz, Rising. Donovan told the men that the incident is “beyond football” and “we have to get it out of our game.”

“It’s nothing to do with racism,” according to the video, Shantz told Donovan.

“It’s not racism, they’re calling him gay,” Donovan said. “This is homophobia.”


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