Neetu Kapoor took the video while taking her ‘fab’ swab test, after which the doctor told on Twitter how her COVID-19 detection test is handled


Neetu Kapoor is one of the cast members of Karan Johar’s production Live jug jug, Apart from Varun Dhawan and Manish Paul, who were recently tested positive for coronavirus. Recently, a video of him went viral where he tested his swab for the COVID-19 test. In the video, we can see that someone (whose face has not been seen) is taking swab samples from Neetu Kapoor’s throat and nose. While the actress looked a bit distracted before the samples were taken, she was surprised that the sample taker did not leave her in discomfort. Jug Jug Jio: After Varun Dhawan, Neetu Kapoor, co-star Manish Paul is also test positive for COVID-19.

Well, it is also because whoever took the sample, they felt that they really do not want to bother him much. Apparently, the video was taken before going to Live jug jug Outdoor shooting according to the post below, where he underwent precautionary tests.

Watch the video below:

So what’s wrong here? Anyone who has undergone their swab test knows that in order to take the correct sample, medical staff insert a stick deep into both the throat and nose, which is not an easy experience. Saliva and mucus samples near the exterior of the mouth and nose are avoided because they do not actually give the correct results.

Which is also the claim of the doctor below that the swab test done for Neetu Singh is not correct. Dr. Joita Basu, co-founder and director, Doctor’s Hub, alleged that such procedures yield inaccurate negative results and reiterated the need for more professionally trained staff to conduct such tests.

See her tweet below:

Interesting, before they left Live jug jug Shooting, Neetu Kapoor posted a picture of the lead cast near the aircraft. None of them wore masks, which the actress justified in her caption, saying, “We are all Kovid tested and safe, so removed the mask while taking the photo.” Varun Dhawan confirmed the test positive for COVID and said, “I could be more careful.”

See post below:

When COVID-19 was found positive in the first report about some artists, Anil Kapoor’s name was also mentioned. The actor however denied reports that he had tested negative for the tests. Meanwhile, Varun Dhawan confirmed in his post that he is now COVID-19 positive, adding that he should have been more careful.

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