Congress monitors one-week stopgap, Kovid buys time for relief talks before closing


WASHINGTON – Congress wants an additional week to negotiate government funding legislation and the Coronaires Relief Bill, familiar with conversations between lawmakers and allies.

The House has been issuing a vote on Wednesday for a week, the House said, on Monday to stop D-MD, Majority Leader Stany Hoyer.

It will take the government funding deadline to December 11, the next Friday, a week before Christmas.

The deadline extension would allow for another week of negotiations to find a bipartisan agreement on an “omnibus” spending bill to keep the government open in the next year. This will allow for a week of negotiations on another round of Kovid-19 relief, which may include unemployment benefits.

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., Said he also expects the Senate to take a one-week stopgap bill in hopes of completing a one-year government funding package by the end of next week.

Congress leaders have said that if there is a Kovid-19 aid agreement, it will be linked to the government money measure to pass it.

Party leaders are negotiating a coronavirus relief package based on a $ 908 billion plan unveiled by a bipartisan rank and file group last week. The main sticking point is the demand for a GOP, the parameters of the liability shield for companies and organizations.

The emerging plan includes unemployment benefits, relief for restaurants and other small businesses, and assistance to state and local governments to pay teachers, police and other workers. It does not include direct payments to Americans, which some Democrats and Republicans are still pushing for.

State and local funding has also been a controversial issue, but Rep. Jose Gottheimer, DN.J., quoted MSNBC on Monday as saying both sides are “within inches” to resolve it.

In the government funding bill, money is again a major stick for President Donald Trump’s border wall. Many sources say Democrats do not want the incoming Biden administration to continue building the wall.

A source said that there is disagreement on the police reform provisions as well as environmental policy.

Haley Talbot and Garrett Hacke has contributed.


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