Why didn’t we know Sarah Fuller before becoming a football player?

In the last two days, there is no dearth of news stories Sara Fuller, The Vanderbilt women’s soccer goalkeeper who could make history by becoming the first woman to play in a “Power 5” football game on Saturday.

I, too, wrote one of these stories when I first heard about Fuller’s possible history-making as a kicker.

And while the potential history is certainly important, as these articles are piling up on the Internet, I do feel like Fuller has felt himself in the four days of coverage he received as a football player .

When she was a member of Vanderbilt’s women’s soccer team, why was not people interested in Fuller?

Certainly, there is no shortage of fascinating details in his story on the football field. As before, this fall came when – as a senior – he finally made his first start, and then won his first title of the season since 1994, making his team’s 1-2 debut.

I think a part of my uneasiness also comes from the circumstances surrounding Fuller’s selection. Because when Fuller can become a talented kicker, the reason he was chosen for this role is more complex, and oh 2020.

According to a report by Simon gibbs In Vanderbilt’s student newspaper, Fuller’s call-up was not a “performance-related decision”. (Given that Vanderbilt’s football team is currently at 4-7 – and 3-7 in field goals – perhaps it needed Performance related.) Instead, COVID-19 with several experts in related quarantine – and graduate transfer kicker Oren Milstein There was a roster spot to fill – out of the season. And given Fuller’s recent success on the football pitch, he received a call.

But Fuller’s steep ascent – and news articles documenting it – are representative of a larger problem that female athletes face in the battle for better treatment.

For male athletes receiving media coverage, the bar is not particularly high. But for female athletes to get the same spotlight, it is not as easy as just playing their sport.

Because men’s sports are still regarded with more reverence than women’s sports, a woman involved with a men’s team in any capacity typically receives more coverage than a woman who only plays her sport . (Bonus points if any type of glass is involved in sealing-scattering.)

All of this is not to say that footballer Sarah Fuller should not be covered, or celebrated. But if you want Fuller’s history-making moment on the football field to be a women’s victory, then appreciate the full context of her story, and ask why we now only know her name.

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