Kangana Ranaut BMC Row: Bombay High Court played the role of BMC, but not even the spare actress

In partial relief for Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, the Bombay High Court on Friday quashed the demolition notice of BMC, and then the action to destroy a part of her Bandra bungalow in September, further ordering that she be compensated . Simultaneously, the court criticized Kangana for her objectionable reactions on social media, rejecting her statements comparing Mumbai with Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and against the state government, police and the film industry. Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar met BMC’s legal team, assessing Bombay High Court order in Kangana Ranaut case

A division bench of Justice SJ Kathavala and Justice RI Chagla clarified that he did not approve of “a loose and irresponsible statement against any person, authority or government” and advised him to “exercise restraint” in his 166-page order . While clearly retaining the powers of the BMC, the court stated that Kangana would need to seek BMC’s permission for any repairs / substitutes or regularization for the areas not yet demolished, but if the BMC took any action If he plans, he will have to give 7 days notice. To enable his response or to comply with the same. Kangana Ranaut BMC Row: Actress can take steps to regularize her office property and make it a habit

She can also take steps to regularize her property and make it habitable and the court has appointed a valuer – Shatgiri & Associates – to decide on the amount of compensation to be paid to BMC for the action. Adhering to its order on the quantum of compensation payable to the actress, the court directed that if she applied to approve her building plans, it would be decided within four weeks.

The judges said that BMC proceeded on the wrong grounds in the case which was against the rights of citizens, which was reactionary in law and nature to the judgment delivered through video conference. Dismissing the September 7 BMC notice issued by the warder’s Bhagirath Lett and the demolition order two days later, the court held that Kangana was in compliance with the sanctioned plans or after the approved plans and only then construction of the demolished portion Can proceed to. Obtaining BMC approval for the same.

Barrister Vinod Tiwari, an expert on civil and constitutional law, said that Bombay HC has given a balanced decision in the controversial case. “While the entire powers of BMC have been upheld by the Honorable High Court, Kangana has not really got any relief. She would have to take BMC’s permission for any kind of work she wants to do, or regularization of areas. Tiwari told IANS that the bungalow was not demolished.

The judges asked the assessors to submit their report to the court on March 9, 2021 to determine the extent and value of the damages to Kangana, so that they could decide on the award of compensation. Justice Kathawala and Justice Chagla stated that the surveyor / evaluator would hear both the petitioner and BMC parties before making their report, for which allegations would be initially made by Kangana.

Tiwari said, “All this makes it clear that the actress has hardly got any major relief. On the contrary, it will enable BMC to crack the whip and make her or anyone else involved in such illegal activities.” Tiwari said. Mumbai’s Shiv Sena Mayor Kishori Pednekar said what the BMC did “according to the laws” and he would comment after consulting the BMC legal department but declined to say if it would challenge the verdict in the Supreme Court.

Kangana and the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party along with BJP leaders like Kirit Somaiya and Ram Kadam, raising slogans of BMC, Shiv Sena, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, Maha Vikas Aghadi government, welcomed the HC order and the resignation of Mayor Pednekar and BMC Commissioner IS Chahal demanded. On September 9, a team from BMC had seen parts of Kangana’s bungalow, which caused a massive political uproar, following which they moved the Bombay HC and challenged the move of the civic body, calling it a retaliation.

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