How to support local businesses

Kovid-19 has fully developed the shopping industry and small retailers have been hit particularly hard. In a recent survey, the Society for Human Resource Management experienced more than 60 percent of revenue losses to small businesses due to coronavirus. Estimates from rating site Yelp show that Yelp has shown more than 97,000 businesses – both small and major – have closed permanently during the epidemic. While Black Friday sales and Cyber ​​Monday sales continue to dominate the current shopping landscape, the National Retail Federation expects about $ 760 billion in total sales over the shopping period, an increase of nearly 5 percent from 2019. If you want to help direct some of it. In the hands of small businesses, there are simple ways to do this, and the most important one of them is purchase. Shoppers can help small retailers that closed earlier this year and lost sales due to an epidemic, Jovita Caranza, who heads the US Small Business Administration.

“There is a tremendous impact when we shop at businesses in our communities – these are locally owned mom-and-pop stores, boutiques, gift stores, craft shops and eateries that offer unique products and a personal touch , “Karanja said. “Supporting these businesses that pivot and retooling helps strengthen, rebuild and boost our economy.”

About 75 percent of Americans say they feel more compelled to support small business as a result of the epidemic, according to a survey by Ware2Go, a company owned by UPS2, which helps businesses increase their production . And half of the people surveyed say their main reason for making small purchases is profitability to the economy. If you also want to join in and send a few dollars to a small business, you can find plenty of brick-and-mortar options in your neighborhood, from the corner shop to the beauty salon, where you can invest in both products. And those businesses. And you also have a lot of online options. To help give you an understanding of those people, we compiled some great options, ranging from the artisan marketplace to large retailers like ET and Amazon that offer storefronts of small businesses with global reach.

What is Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday is on Saturday, November 28, an annual holiday encouraging consumers to shop locally. Like Amazon’s Prime Day invention, it was the credit card giant American Express that started a small business ten years ago on Saturday. The date is usually at the beginning of the holiday shopping season, encouraging shoppers to buy their gifts from smaller brands. Consumers can find unique, handmade goods that they cannot find in a large retailer. Shopping local can mean personalized service, unique product offerings and a greater level of service overall than big box retailers, said Steve Denton, CEO of Ware2Go.

While the epidemic may have severely restricted person-to-person shopping, many smaller brands have closed online stores, including selling on social media, using third-party platforms, offering curbside pickup And the beginning of contactless delivery.

“So whether online, curbside, safely in-store or by shouting out your favorite small business on social media, we can help everyone shop,” said Andy Goldberg, global brand management and SVP at American Express.

Where to shop online during Small Business Saturday

Looking at the various barriers to in-store shopping, Tom Sullivan, vice president of small business policy at the US Chamber of Commerce, first check the website of your local store for deals and discounts. If you’re looking for local brands, but don’t know where to start, American Express may be a resource for Merchant Maps. Large online retailers such as Amazon and Instagram often also expose smaller independent retailers, making it easier to support local vendors.

In addition to purchasing, consumers can indirectly support local businesses by offering positive online reviews. Online engagement can drive traffic (and revenue) to your favorite local business, a lower lift for you and a higher profit to help businesses stay in business.

“We know that word of mouth goes a long way and is helpful for businesses to reach new customers and audiences. It is very easy to share the products you like on Instagram through DMs and Stories, ”said Lege Belz Ray, editorial head of Instagram @Shop.

Ready to start spending to support small and local businesses? Here some marketplaces are rife with options to shop locally and responsibly online, including how to shop small on major retail markets such as Amazon, Instagram and Etsy.

The large-scale retailer’s Internal Small Business Impact Report argues that half of the products sold on the site come from small and medium-sized retailers.

This online marketplace provides a platform for local bookstores to sell their collections with access to a mainstream retailer. The retailer promises that all profits are split among independent bookstores, with 75% of this “profit margin for stores, publications, authors and others creating a thriving, inspiring culture around books.”

The reader-favorite online retailer, which provides a platform to countless independent manufacturers and vendors and small businesses, has the day at its Cyber ​​Week sales event, which gives you up to 60 percent off on the site through December 2.

Novica has products from artisans around the world. Products are hand crafted and are usually based on specific cultures and traditions.

Novika’s hot sale offer during Black Friday, discounted based on total order amount.

The social media company started the shops earlier this year in response to an epidemic for small businesses to build online stores on Facebook’s platform. The shops are accessible from Facebook, Instagram and other apps from the company. Consumers can shop and shop in their account without switching apps. If you don’t know where to start shopping, Instagram also highlighted some small businesses on their shop account.

This product advice company created a small biz shopping directory to help consumers find products from small retailers. The directory organizes small vendors by product type, from hobby supplies and clothing to health and wellness and pets. Each vendor list has a link to the business’s website so that you can buy directly from them. The product boss prompted shoppers to take the shop in 5 pledges, promising to buy one out of every five gifts from a small business.

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