Black Friday bargains are not worth it this year. Stay home and do local shopping.

People have died as a result of Black Friday.

It’s true: Early-morning bargain shoppers are shot in parking lots outside big box stores at parking lots and inside erratic malls, crushed by their fellow Americans as they head to Walmart. Seals the deal and even killed the car coming and going. Many items have all-out disputes in the corridors – yes, just talk – that will become outdated in a few months anyway and in a year, people allegedly put a dying man on target who is having a heart attack. Was.

Apparently, the deal brings out the animal in prey.

Of course, there is nothing between a hunter hunter and a deal – not even an epidemic – in long lines outside big-box stores this year, despite rising Kovid infection rates across the country and CDC warnings. The shopkeepers will stand.

Just look at the Thanksgiving trip: leading up to the holiday week, Drs. Anthony Fauci warned Americans about traveling home for the holiday: “You’re at a crowded airport, you’re all wearing masks, no.” “Puts ourselves at risk … that’s what’s going to trouble us even more,” Fauci said.

The deal brings out the animal in prey.

But millions of flooded airports, instead of listening, are ignoring experts to keep their thanksgiving traditions. So why would Black Friday be any different? (this will not happen)

However, Walmart feels that they have come to know it all.

For the first time in the history of Black Friday, Walmart believes that Black Friday-goers will shop in a calm, orderly fashion because they have a plan.

“During these in-store Black Friday events, Walmart will install meters in the store to help customers reduce congestion and promote social distance inside stores,” the company said in the statement. “Customers will be directed to shop right hand down the corridors to be able to easily and safely – select the Black Friday items they are interested in purchasing.”

But if you’ve been at the same Walmart, big box, or grocery store since March, then you know it’s not going to happen: People regularly use directional signs, any incentive for social distance, to put on their masks How to wear properly (if they wear them at all) and all efforts to reduce congestion. Also, if Black Friday shoppers were solely responsible, science-minded citizens, they probably wouldn’t have been there in the first place, trying to track down a cheap flat screen at significant risk to themselves and others.

Do not stand in long lines with sickness in corporate chains, spread epidemic for shopping spree.

Sadly, in 2020, when we are facing the threat of more deaths from a havoc, the invisible person has been moved from one person to another through the simple act of breathing, perhaps in the shop. There are long lines of people passing through the streets and crawling towards the cash register to see what we are doing right now. Only Kovid needs long queues, crowded areas, a little distance and a mask worn on the mouth, but not the nose; Only Kovid needs denial, arrogance and, frankly, stupidity (which, on evidence, it already has). Humanity, however, does not.

The best course of action this post-Thanksgiving is to thwart the disease: Do not go to the big box store or mall. Do not stand in those diseased long lines — and inside corporate chains, sparking an epidemic for the shopping spree. Help humanity, not disease.

Instead, support local businesses and local communities and individual talent and entrepreneurs. This year, buy gifts and gifts from your local chef, baker, brewer, artist, clothing designer, taco-maker or whatever – and do so in a safe, socially distant fashion, even on Friday’s Except someday. Or buy online for someone else from a small business local.

Avoid the possibility of even mowing, crying, hammering, bloody noses and throwing – all of those good ol ‘American Black Friday traditions – as well as the pandemonium of an epidemic that has already cost more than 250,000 lives in America alone Has claimed

Because until human behavior changes – including yours, mine, and everything else – all human behavior – and everyone takes this epidemic more seriously, as if they are now, to buy you gifts to celebrate the holiday The nomads will be outside, not only foggy, but in January and beyond – loaded with bodies.

This year, it’s increasingly likely that, if you participate in a person-to-person Black Friday shopping madness, you can get far more than you bargained for – and someone you love may also like it. And the last time I checked, Grandpa wanted a Lay-Z-Boy, not a coffin.

Therefore, save lives by staying at home and shopping locally. Put money into your community and those small businesses that suffer as a result of poor public policy-driven economic disaster, which is already a dangerous and vicious American tradition to build the bottom lines of corporations.

Bargain sacrifice, not Grandpa’s. Show him that you are grateful that there is an epidemic – because, after all, there is.

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