Sonu Sood gave his support amid farmers’ protest in North India, saying ‘Farmer is my God’ (see tweet)

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has given his opinion on the protest of farmers going on in North India. Several dramatic scenes of the Delhi-Haryana anarchy have gone viral online, which has seen a huge tension between police and protesters. Saying that, Sonu took to the micro-blogging site and shared a simple tweet in favor of the farmers. She wrote, ‘Farmer my god‘. In anticipation of the ‘Delhi-Chalo’ tractor march, for those who are not aware, farmers are opposing the three newly imposed agricultural laws of St. Kisan March to Delhi: Protestant Barge in Haryana, Traffic Chaos in NCR, Metro Services Affected, Security Beefed – 10 pts.

According to the farmers, this newly passed agricultural law is not in their favor. Sonu Sood, who has been the messiah for the pandemic many times, has clearly shown his stance for farmers. The latest glimpses of the protests show tear gas and water cannons fired by the police on the farmers and indeed such a sight may have provoked Sonu to speak. Priyanka Chopra praises Sonu Sood for buying a tractor for a farmer, ‘do a wonderful job’.

See the tweet below:

Earlier, during the epidemic, Sonu gifted a tractor to a farmer, after which a video of a girl pulling a plow in the field went viral. Meanwhile, according to three laws passed by the Center, farmers’ income has to be improved by allowing them to sell their produce in the commercial market, anywhere in the country. But farmers see this as a ploy to abolish the MSP (minimum support price) regime. stay tuned!

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