Manasvi Vashistha Falls Pre ‘Two Knock Knock Gang’, her phone was stolen after actor files FIR

During the lockdown, the crime rate fell, but with the reopening of the world we are back in a square. In the shocking news, TV actor Manasvi Vasistha was robbed by the gang ‘Knock Knock Gang’ – a man famous for knocking over car windows, distracting a person and stealing goods from a vehicle. Mansi is defeated after losing the gang’s mobile phone. Love 2 Actor told Etimes When a young man gestured him to check his car, he ignored it at first. Birds of a feathered actress Linda Robson reveal that she was once captivated by a designer bag filled with dog poop.

“However, a few minutes later, when another man knocked on the window and told me that sparks were flying from the bonnet, I panicked,” the actor said. The man called a mechanic, who buried his head in the bonnet and did something. “He later told me that the issue was addressed over time, otherwise, I wouldn’t have been alive. All I could do was thank them both for their timely help. After ‘fixing’ the engine, he Asked me. The actor said to look at the car and left within a few seconds. It was only after some time that I realized that my phone was missing. Devamgal actress Suchitra reportedly fled after allegedly robbing her in-laws along with her husband.

Mansavi started asking about the ‘mechanic’ when he learned about the ‘McKay Knock Gang’ and his methods from another mechanic – “How a person knocks on your car window and attracts your attention.” Steals your goods. ” He succumbed because I am new in the city ”. Manish Chaudhary catches Eve-teaser, harassing his partner, Mumbai Police reveals ‘not wasting time taking action’.

The TV actor lodged an FIR at the police station and said, “The police told me that a similar incident had happened earlier. Apparently, the gang sells phone parts to avoid being tracked. I hope That they will be nominated soon, therefore. No innocent man marries again. “

In May, Meera Chopra’s father was stabbed in Delhi. Happu platoon Actor Sanjay Chaudhary was robbed in broad daylight on 27 September.

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